The current situation of memory sports is saddening. Explain. [20 marks]


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Memory-Sports: How do you see the current situation of memory sports?

Sri Vyshnavi Yarlagadda: It’s saddening. Just when the sport is getting its share of popularity and attention that it deserves, this situation is taking away years of progress. But since the damage is already done and the best we can do right now is focus on making changes for good.

It looks to me as if one or more Q/A pairs have been accidentally omitted immediately before the quote.

This is a fairly recent article: 3 Mar 2017. Does anyone know what’s being referred to? The first reasonable response will be awarded 20 marks.

It could refer to the problems that led to the formation of the IAM, and maybe the splitting of the memory world. But this is just an assumption.

One example : we now have two world records in speed cards. IAM site : Alex Mullen 15.61 seconds. WMC site Zou Lujian 13.96 seconds.

Kinda sad it had to happen. Just like chess was split up for a while or tennis as well.
Is it the competitors versus the organizers dispute kind of thing?

It is that. The athletes wanted more democracy. The organization was becoming stagnant and the leaderships focus was shifting towards making money. That is a shame and damaging to the sports. I hope all the athletes will soon all support the IAM (the organization founded by the athletes). The sooner this is over the better.

Thanks for the summary of the split. I was aware it had happened but unsure as to why.

I have read that most memory athletes who participate in the WMSC championships still are from Asian countries, while most Western memory athletes participate only in the IAM world championship.

I like that the recent Memory Games documentary just focuses on the IAM world championships without getting into the split from the WMSC (as that wouldn’t be relevant to laypeople).

As it is now, I understand there are two “world memory champions”, though most here would consider the official one to be the IAM one. Of course, there can only be one world record for things like fastest speed cards time or most digits memorized in an hour. So to know if someone broke a world record at a world championship, you’d have to follow both competitions.