"The brain may actively forget during dream sleep"

“The brain may actively forget during dream sleep”

Rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep is a fascinating period when most of our dreams are made. Now, in a study of mice, a team of Japanese and U.S. researchers show that it may also be a time when the brain actively forgets. Their results suggest that forgetting during sleep may be controlled by neurons found deep inside the brain that were previously known for making an appetite stimulating hormone.

The brain may actively forget during dream sleep


Yeah, that’s really interesting! Forgetting is a vital part of memory – if you never forget something your brain will “overflow” if that analogy can be made. In fact, during Default Mode Network your brain is actively going through memories (in more frontotemporal regions, I believe) in order to forget certain memories!
Emotionally charged events are less likely to be forgotten, a phenomena still studied today! It’s most likely tied to the amygdala and it’s role in emotional processing…

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