The body as a lukasa

hello friends

Anybody here who uses lukasas? did you ever use your own body as one?

do i understand correctly that lukasas invoke the stored memory through their placement, and how that particular lukasa piece feels?

so lets assume this; location : my left thumb nail . I can touch it, press against it with a nail, or press against it with my finger - could these 3 “positions” thus be used as 3 lukasa pieces, for 3 different memories? and could i then use the left side of my nail, and the right side, and below where my finger print is too, in such a manner?

i would like to try this, but would like to hear you guys opinions first

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Body journeys are widely used. Adding feeling or movement would probably make the associations stronger.

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I do exactly that and it’s amazing how well it works. I keep my to-do list on my body. In my work, I have to keep track of multiple clients’ projects and what goes on with each one. Each client is on a different body part. When the project is done, that body part is free. One client is on top of my head, one is on my face, one on my neck, one on my shoulder, and so on.

I also use my fingers as a short term memory palace for recalling things. I tried it the other day for “taking notes” during a client consultation, and it worked amazingly well.

I have aphantasia, so maybe this is why touch imagery is better for me than visual imagery - but it really is.


An example using body palace Using the school building as loci for math formulas - #13 by Antelex

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