The Best Time in Speed Cards Using One Card System ??

WOW!!!, never I think in that tracym!!!, good observation to know.

¿you know if Alex Mullen verbally repeat the cards in superhumans? (The video is not available in my country).

Yes, Alex had to recite the order of the cards verbally. There wasn’t a clock shown during his memorization phase, so I’m unsure exactly how much time he used, but it probably wasn’t much time, as he impressed everyone enough to win the episode on Superhuman. He uses a two-card system (pioneered by Ben Pridmore), along with the block method (which was pioneered by Johannes Mallow).

Great!! Very fast, he was 30 seconds exactly, and the cards are separate in the screen, so he can do easly much faster. And he told me that his highest time was 12,77 in the software of memory league.

In this video Alex is memorizing 80 digits in 16,86.

He uses 3 digit system with numbers putting 2 images in each loci, I suppose that for him, memorizing 80 digits and recite the order is easly than recite the order of cards. Because I suppose that the difficulty for Alex in speed cards that doesn’t have with numbers, is “the shadow system”. Specially if there are many images in one location and he is memorizing at high speeed.

I finally decided to use two card system.
Without doubt allows you to do speed cards faster. Is pure logic and something unquestionable.

I want to use the system used by the record holder Alex Mullen. I believe is the best system


Shadow system with practice makes you faster than 2.704 images. Why?
Your mind don’t have to read the pair of cards from the left to the right. Simply you eyes need to see the two cards and without considerating the order wich takes some aditional time to think.
Yes, If the first card is red you have to do something more…, but with practice that is easy to know without thinking to much, very automatically you eye see the reverse combination of the colours.

For numbers I want to use only two digit system because what I really like are the shortest disciplines of speed memory (Numbers and binary numbers in 0,5s and 1 s.). At that speed, you have to read in parts and is impossible for the eye to read for example 18 digits in 0,5s (like the record holder) in groups of three.

By the way!! I find interesting to know:

What is the system used by Shi Binbin (China) in 1 hour card event?, (he is the record holder in this event)

As far as i know, he used a 1 card system for that record.


I am sure about that, It was mentioned in Nelson -Alex Interview. Right Now the record is 31 decks 14 cards by Alex Mullen.

WOW!, Alex the best in all categories of cards and writed numbers again!!!, he is not the world record only in the fastest categories of numbers and is probably because unfortunatly he doesn’t train this categories (specially in 0,5s and 1s you need also good speed reading, super concentration, so all technique is not the same as in longer disciplines).

The records in the fastest categories of numbers:

Numbers in 4s = 31
Numbers in 1s = 21
Numbers in 0,5s = 17

By the way! Shi Binbin is only 14 cards less faster in hour cards, for me is almost the same score, congratulation to both!!

Which one card system use? I suppose he uses what other oriental atletes are using like Wang Feng (2 images togueter). Isn’t like this?

Yes it is I guess. It just take so many hours or probably years of practice to achieve that record with a 1 card system.

Nice to see the efficace of that method. You can see also Wang Heng with 500 decimals in 5 minutes (only 20 less tan Alex Mullen).
I’m sure that obviously is better 3 digit system, is less complex. 2 digit or one card system is much more complex (2 times more images!!!)
I believe if the training of Wang Heng was with 3 digit system he will have the world record. Or Shi Binbin was with two card system, he will have a very good record. I really feel sad for them, too bad they doesn’t do that. Their talent is trully extraordinary. Imagine that talent with the best technique!!!.

Yeah, Wang Feng is super talented , I agree. I think he is not competing anymore in World Memory Championship :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I can’t see Wang Feng results after 2011 in that competition.
In 2011 he reach 500 decimals in 5 min!!, like I said only 20 decimals less tan Alex Mullen record.
He can today (6 years later) do this faster?

It’s hard to know what he can do unless he competes. There are not that many memory competitions around to show off what you can do (although there are more of them in Asia than in other parts of the world). And I’m not sure you can say whether someone can go from a 2-digit system to a 3-digit system, or from a 1-card system to a 2-card system, and automatically show a lot of improvement, unless they put in the time and dedication to become as fluent in the bigger system as they were in the smaller system. Again, you’ll never know what any of them can accomplish until they compete.

As you will see on the following Web page on this subject in the last 17 seconds, broke the world record.
How far this can take? :slight_smile:

12,77 s in memory league software was the best time of Alex Mullen. He told me that.

I believe that. Too bad there are not that many competitions today.
For example Wang have reached 500 numbers in 5 minutes. And he was using without doubt a MORE COMPLICATED system. So he traned that system very hard.

Can anyone explain the shadow method to me in detail,please

tracym, I have thinked alot about Wang Feng system. In the case of Wang Feng, now I agree that It’s hard to know what he can do unless he competes. Beucase the system used by Wang Heng is VERY diferent technically compare to a 3 digit system. He have to connect alot off objects.

Is a very good system, only you have to see his results, one of the bests results in the world.
For various reasons I decided stop creating the 3 digit system and definitly I want to use the system that Wang Feng have used + shadow system idea, which makes “Wang Feng’s” system much better. I explain this thread of mine: