The best memory palace resource - Videos of places

Better than pictures. And hard to believe, I especule even better than real walking through places, why because:

  • You don’t have to walk.
  • You have to visualize from the get go.
  • A journey is given to you.
  • The material is concise and more engaging demanding your attention.
  • You can always do the same changes and modifications you’d do to real or photo based places.

This is the resource (I’m not affiliated in any way):


Choose small places.
Don’t memorize the details.
Memorize the whole houses.
Use loci as convenient, don’t overcrowd.
Use the video scene change to make your routes.
Visualize in the same way as presented, don’t change perspective.

Happy coding!


Thanks, I added it to the virtual memory palaces page.

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Thank you very much.

Yes,it is one of the bests. I have been using their Video for creating virtual Memory Palaces…I used one of their home videos in encoding the book “You are not so smart” >>


Matterport is a good source too and you can navigate yourself.

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Very good site. I can use many of the places as material for imaginary places or modifications.

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