The Alphabetical (Number) System


The Major System's Flaws

I find it absurd that people use The Major System or The Dominic System for PA or PAO since it seemed very inefficient and time-consuming. The Major System seems good enough, but people have to understand that The Major System shouldn’t be used for Person in PAO but in Object, as its purpose is that of The Ben System; it is phonetic. If you were to say Albert Einstein, you could just single out the first consonant in each word and have that work (aLbert eiNstein) if the first letters are vowels or h, y, or w, which is a way for you to ignore the Major System’s flaw as Person in PAO.

The Dominic System's Flaws

The Dominic System, when I first read Dominic O’Brien’s book, seemed like an absolutely terrible Number System. The main flaw is the fact that every digit has only a single letter assigned to it, which is absolute garbage if you ask me. Because of this, it uses up only 10 letters of the Alphabet, and that is one of the reasons that prevents it from reaching Millenium PAO System-Level greatness. One of the things that helps Dominic O’Brien is the fact that he uses PA System instead of PAO, which allows him to chain images. Instead of 1 loci being Michael Jackson punching a tank (6 digits), it’ll be Michael Jackson arm-wrestling Charlie Chaplin on one hand and punching Mike Tyson with the other (10 digits). This is what gives him an amazing memory. His number system is very inefficient, however.

A Solution

The Millenium PAO System has no Number System, but I’d like my System to have a code, and I have to invent something for Person, and so I introduce The Alphabetical System.

The Alphabetical System

To be as efficient as I can, I have to use every letter of the alphabet and give every digit at least two (2) letters. 7 Has four (4) letters, breaking my initial rule of “2-3 letters in a single digit” but I couldn’t interchange anything. Besides, I planned for X to not even exist in my system, but I felt like I needed to add X simply because the list would be incomplete without it. My overall plan is to use PA system and have the Action be acquired through the Major System, though to 3-Digit PAO users, I would recommend, for Person, using Category PAO System combined with Alphabetical System which makes the first digit be the category, the second digit be the subcategory, and the third digit being their first initial. For the Action I recommend The Major System, using only the first consonant sound in the word. For the Object, I recommend the Ben System or maybe The 3-Digit Major System.

I, however, use PA System purely for its ability to “stack” pairs/triads.