The accuracy of memorizing a book or a topic when memory palace is used to remember it

I mean how accurate the topic is memorized ,is it the idea of it or i can remember all of it as it’s in its source

With sufficient reviewing 99% +.

Up to you which you memorise, the ‘idea’ or verbatim word for word. For example someone might wish to memorise scripture so , of course, word for word is required but someone wishes to memorise a , say, physics textbook only needs to memorise the concepts/ideas.

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Let’s say i wanna memorize a poem for example i find it hard to memorize the exact poem word by word it’ll take too much effort

uhm i’m unsure why anyone would want to memorise a poem inexactly (perhaps someone studying literature who simply needs to know the concepts/themes in said poem?). Assuming the poem is in English you could give us the first line or so and maybe we can show you how to memorise verbatim, then you can decide how much effort it will be.

In the beginning it will. You will want to create images and markers for the words and that will take time.

Later on this will get better, you have your system in place and like that it becomes easier. It has been done many times already and many topics here have been devoted to verbatim memorization.


Yeah some need it in exams and issues related to study so remembering a full text word by word is important