Testing my number skills, gone wrong

I decided to test out memorizing a long random string of numbers, just by asking a few people to give me a random number between 0 and 9. I’d paste them together to generate a long number that I could memorize as a test of my skills.

I got things like “3.5” and “π” and something like “sorry, someone already said π”, as well as “(8.something - it had too many decimal digits to remember off the top of my head)”. I ended up with a number with multiple decimal points, emojis, words, square roots, and at least two instances of the pi symbol.

Mission failed. I need to try a different group of people.


Seems like you’ll have to lay down the rules a little more restrictively with these people :joy:


Clearly, your test group can’t follow simple instructions. You specifically asked for a number between 0 and 9. Emoji don’t qualify. And pi, while technically in that range, is a challenge unto itself.

But maybe pi would be a good challenge to experiment with, since it is considered to be, essentially, infinite. If you don’t want to try taking suggestions again, just look up what pi would be to, say, 100 digits. Or 500, if you’re feeling ambitious. Not only will it help you train yourself for long numbers, it could make a good bar bet. :slight_smile:

If you’re wanting to do something “live” while talking to these people, ask to borrow a credit card or drivers license from each of them and then memorize the numbers. Return their cards and then recite them person-by-person.



People seem to like screwing with you whenever you ask them to give you random numbers to memorize. That’s why I ask them to give me words instead, it’s much harder to break my train of thought that way.

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