Tell us your little successes!

Tell us about a recent time when you felt good about using mnemonics, or a recent time you learned something interesting! :)

Hi everyone!

I’m a big believer in having a good balance between meta-cognition (thinking about how you think) and doing the action you want to improve at. So in the same sense, I think that talking about motivation is great, but motivating each other with your daily stories is also great!

I’ll start. I recently started posting on the Mnemotechnics forums again after a busy time in the world. I feel like staying connected to this community is going to benefit myself and others in the long run, so I feel happy about it. :slight_smile:

Hey. This community definitely gives you some interesting ideas and motivation to continue practicing yea. I’ve almost solely read stuff here, but may share something in the future.

I’ve recently felt good about my heightened level of concentration and quicker thinking (mostly in social contexts), just by memorizing some cards (try to memorize as many as I can in 5 minutes each day).

staying connected to this community is one of my reason being here in this forum because I can keep myself interested and learn more about improving my memory techniques, It’s a personal interest and it does help me in my daily life, however, I would like to get to a level where I’d feel I am ready to enter the WMC regardless of the ranking I’d achieve, that would be a good feeling if you can imagine that you’ll be meeting all of your memory heros in one place and competing with some of them at the same event :slight_smile: