Technique For Remembering Linked Lists

I need to remember a list of 130 place names and the corresponding street names for an area for a Taxi test I am doing and then assign them the correct quadrant number of the map. i.e 1 - 4.

I have split the list into the 4 quadrants. The format of the test is here is a place name, what is the corresponding street name and quadrant number.

What is the best way technique for memorizing a list of place names and remembering the street and quadrant number that corresponds to that name.

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Just making sure that I understand – you’re given a place name and then you have to provide a quadrant number (between 1-4) and one street name?

Does the order matter at all?

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So there is 130 place names or landmarks and I have to identify what street they are on and in what quadrant of the city they are located.

The test will quote me 10 random locations out of the 130 and to pass I have to recall the corresponding street name and quadrant number.

I have read about memory palaces. But at the moment there is an excel spreadsheet with 3 columns: Place Name, Street Name and Quadrant No. I’m finding it hard to visualise a way to link all 3 together so that when I recall the place, the street name and quadrant number are accessible to my brain.

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A memory palace would work. I’d probably create four memory palaces – one for each quadrant. When you recall the information, the memory palace’s number will tell you which quadrant the landmark is in. That way you don’t need an extra image for the quadrants.

Then I would create a mnemonic image for each place name and a mnemonic image for each street name.

In each location, I’d link the two mnemonic images together.

Here are a few examples using random San Francisco landmarks from Wikipedia:

Landmark Street Quadrant
Audiffred Building Mission St. 1
Conservatory of Flowers Golden Gate Park, John F. Kennedy Memorial Dr. 2
Haas-Lilienthal House Franklin St. 3

Audiffred Building

This is quadrant 1, so I’d place it in a location in memory palace #1.

I’d create a mnemonic image for “Audiffred”. If you’re familiar with the landmark, you can place an image of the landmark directly in the memory palace. Or you could use a word that helps remind you of the sound of the word (like “Cardiff”, or “diff-red (text)” if you’re a programmer).

Then I’d create a mnemonic image for “Mission St.” – probably something related to Mission Impossible.

Conservatory of Flowers

An image for “Conservatory of Flowers” could be the building itself or just some flowers. Link that image to an image that represents the street name: JFK.

Then place the linked image in memory palace #2, because it’s found in quadrant 2.

Haas-Lilienthal House

The name “Haas” comes from the word “hare” in German, so I’d create a mnemonic image with a hare and a lily (Lilienthal) and then link that to the address: Benjamin Franklin for “Franklin St.”

I’d put that linked image in memory palace #3 to remember that it’s found in quadrant 3.


When recalling the information, the memory palace number will tell you which quadrant it’s in. Example: if you see “Conservatory of Flowers” it should prompt your brain to see the mnemonic image of the flowers. Then you can ask “what were the flowers doing?” They were linked to JFK (maybe he was smelling them). That should prompt recall of “JFK Memorial Drive”. Because that image is in memory palace #2, you would know that it’s a quadrant 2 location.

If it would help to have more specific examples, post a few rows of the spreadsheet here, and we could brainstorm some ideas. :slight_smile: