Technique for IAM random images?


I was just curious to know what techniques do fellow athletes use for the 5 minute images discipline that is a part of IAM competitions? Unlike other disciplines, I could not find much literature related to it.

I know that for memory league images, some prefer a peg system which is good for searching images in a huge space and calling them out of order and many use a memory palace which makes sense since we need to remember the order of all 30 images.

Now since we need to store information regarding the images only in one row and not how where they occur in the entire set, I am a bit confused how to go about this. Is doing 2 per location with memory palace the right way or is making a story per row meaningful? I could surely use some guidance on how other members here approach the discipline or if there is more information about the system used by top ranked athletes.

P.S. : My personal best is 194 images on memocamp.


Sorry for the bump! I am really unable to improve. Any help would be appreciated.

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Is it something like the old WMSC abstract images event, but with different kinds of images?

It is like the WMSC event yes in the sense that there are many rows with 5 images per row. The WMSC event was removed because there are ~150 textures to those images and one could get away with just memorising the texture instead of the actual image.
The images in IAM images discipline are random colored images - it can be of people, animals, objects, landscapes. But the basic idea is the same, if the order in a row is correct, one gets 5 points.

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