Tamakuro Mnemocic



Hi. Welcome to the site! I saw in your profile that you are interested in obtaining a qualification. What kind of qualification is it?






Thank you for the comment.
Since your comment was very natural Japanese, he was surprised.
The target qualification is work of “a judicial scrivener, i.e., a legal relation.”
It is a lawyer’s auxiliary work.
Although this examination had very many matters which should be memorized, it is the favor of the art of memorization and could advance study quite comfortably.
Although my blog is under pause, I continue training every day.
Since a game convention came to be held also in Japan though it was small, I am continuing training for the purpose of it.
Since its new method was also invented, I would like to try it very much.
I would like to introduce by a blog very much, when a result comes out.
Thank you.


Hi! How is your training going? Were you able to obtain your legal qualification?

こんにちは! 訓練はどうですか?司法書士の資格は取得されましたか?


Just dropping by to let you know that we added a Japanese language section of the forum here.