Talking to an AI with interesting results

I have been posting your ideas and your messages in this website and getting interesting results by talking to its GPT-2 AI(Which was created by OpenAI) and I hope you all will entertain yourself with this AI,And I request you to post the intersesting results in this post with preferably an explanation of some parts of your posts,Cheers.


? is a website in which we need to paste text in a text box and then click on the Complete Text button in order to get text generated by the world’s most powerful text generation deep learning Ai GPT-2.

You’ve already posted this with exactly the same texts/words as a reply to another thread.
That’s why I pasted that post-preview.

I see this website is very cleverly done, and a lot of time and effort has gone into it,
However, I am trying to figure out what this website has to do with Memory systems and the forum???

By posting information about memory systems or the replies of other members of this fourms we can get interesting and entertaining ideas about memory systems and I am going to post some examples soon.

I have never gotten such a structured, opinionated answer that actually seems to be mimicking a personality underneath it.

On the otherhand the second answer feels like this is mocking me :

Trying to tell me that I can’t comprehend its first answer so I need to rote through it in many different contexts.


Yoi really made me laugh a lot !! And can’t wait for your examples @aicreator

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From an Eliza bot???

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