Tablet Computer Recommendations?

I was thinking about getting a smartphone, but then realized that I don’t need to pay $700+ per year for data, since I don’t need email every minute of the day. It might be better to buy a tablet computer and use it over WiFi, and then get a regular phone for about $150 per year.

Does anyone have a Galaxy Tab? I really liked the Galaxy S phone, and the Tab looks like a large Galaxy S.

I would like a tablet for Anki flash cards, some experiments with learning German, and storing poetry to be memorized. My Norton Anthology of Poetry is too heavy to carry around. :slight_smile:

The tablet would need Swype and speech-to-text for blogging so I don’t have to type.

The only problem with the Galaxy Tab is the price–at least USD $600, and probably more than that since I would have to buy it here in Europe.

Any recommendations on tablet computers?

I have a Asus TF300T and it does everything that I need. It has a detachable keyboard which works great (turned off the touchpad as it gets in the way and with a tablet its not reall needed). Its also very fast and just checked, you can get Anki for android.

Hope that helps.


I’m a little biased, but I like both my iPad and iPad mini.

My mini has Siri. Swype Pro from the App Store is $0.99 and I have both iAnki and Memrise on my regular iPad

My 16gig Mini was $329

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ipad is the best ^^

Thanks for the recommendations. I got a Galaxy Note last summer, which is like a Galaxy S, but with a larger screen. I’m happy with it, except for a software problem with Swype at the moment…