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Hi all,
Wanted some feedback regarding a system I’m trying out for memorizing long text. The system builds on the ideas and pieces of others. Essentially it is a modified loci system. I use an alphabetized filing cabinet of people I know and associate the image with a picture that captures the overall paragraph or subject matter. Next, I associate sub images of relavent key points to the full body of the alphabetized representative (similar to basic peg systems or as Ron White calls, a skeleton file). The issues I am having are around how many images and by what system is best to peg sub images (for example, one could use a PAO system with the body part representing an O); I read somewhere that no more than two objects should be associated…but sometimes three (if it includes an action) may be more memorable.

Anyhoo, feel free to give it a crack and if anyone has some feedback regarding better ways to peg info and in what sequence, that would be tops…



hi jwander

I have tried to organise loci method and spaced reptition together

I have created a post named memorizing books/concepts… In education folder

Check it out and tell me how we can improve it …

Any new ideas which can help us


Hi, I created a new website which is free to use and helps you remember texts!
Would be great if ye could try it out, I believe it is a fantastic way to remember .


Hi Hippofy,

i can’t see a website on the information you wrote us. Could you please tell us your website? Thanks


Thanks for your message.My site is called hippofy ! Hope it helps.


Thanks Hippofy,

It is looks a nice web site. I will look through it and come back soon if there is anything I want to say. Thanks for your quick response.


Unable to open this website? Any suggestion


It opens up as a search website

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It looks like the site doesn’t exist any more.



You should be able to contact the guy here:

But don’t expect to find the website in that link. It’s listed as “Company Website”, and the link is:

which, AFAIK, is an invalid link.