Surviving "The Boredom Apocalypse"

My Boredom Apocalypse Survival Journey

My name is Waleed Asif and I am a survivor of The Boredom Apocalypse
I am going to start this journey to eliminate boredom from my life. This journey is inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Throughout this journal I would use many metaphors to make my journey of eliminating boredom not so “boring” for you readers i.e. I call dull, boring, repetitive and predictable people “zombies” because like zombies these people live a dull and not so memorable life, like zombies they run towards noise (cringy social media trends), like zombies they chase the survivors and try to turn them into zombies and I call myself and other people who are not so boring “survivors” because we managed to survive this “Boredom Apocalypse”. I call mobile phones and other devices “zombie viruses” because if not used carefully these will turn you into zombies… “The Scientific Method” is the vaccine. “Memory techniques” is my red machete. And “Fun” is my food
Long-Term Goal
•Free the world from the Zombie Apocalypse
•Make my home “Earth” a better place for my family “humanity” and my relatives
and cousins “Earthlings”
Short-Term Goals
• Survive The “Boredom Apocalypse”
• Make Memories for The Past
• Have Fun for The Present
• Keep Learning for The Future
• I have to write daily, Even writing one line would be okay. If somehow I am not able to post my journal, I would write it and post it later, or I would put it in my mind palace
• No lying
What You Readers Can Do
• I would really appreciate if you could help me fight boredom by suggesting me about something to learn, a fun thing to do or by suggesting me new ideas
• Feel free to add new metaphors
• Help me by replying me about some research or psychological techniques or other fun stuff like the memory techniques or mental math
• Be a survivor and post your journey


Why I Am Trying To Survive The Boredom Apocalypse
I hate boredom… It’s just one of the few things I know about myself
I spent most of my life being someone else. It’s been a year since I started my self improvement journey, And the more I try to know myself the more mysterious I become. Its like the real “me” is wearing infinite masks and it seems impossible to unmask all the false me and find my true self but its worth a try…
I discovered my hate for boredom (or Thaasophobia) a few months ago…
I was preparing for my MCAT test at that time (going to academy at 9:00 A.M and returning home at about 8:00 P.M… It was very hard for me) and I found myself depressed without any reason to follow. I had no health problems, my social relations were okay at that time, my grades were good but still I was depressed… somehow… somewhy…
One day while I was returning home from my Academy I decided to hitchhike my way home (Traveling using public transport in my country is very tiring) and luckily (or unluckily) someone gave me a ride. The man looked rich and his car was very expensive (These are rare in Pakistan). During the ride the man was bragging about how he became rich but I sensed he was lying and was just the driver pretending to be the owner of that car (his English was horrible). Long story short… During the ride the man tried to seduce me and was a pedophile. He insisted me on taking me to his house and wanted me to be his guest. But I ran.
The craziest thing about that event isn’t that I was about to be seduced… I was surprised to discover that I was not depressed anymore…
Most people become heavily depressed when such events happen to them but I wasn’t… It was strange… Even though I felt uncomfortable at that time (I am straight) I was feeling rather happy later
Later I discovered that it was because of my fear of boredom (Thaasophobia)
For about two months nothing special happened in my life and when that event happened it kicked me out of my boring routine and my depression…
Later I started studying about boredom and decided to fight it and am still fighting it

Day 1 (15-12-21)
• Start this post
• Complete my PAO for 00-99 numbers
• Created the post
I showed my friend this post and asked him if we could do something adventurous today… At first he thought that I was not serious but he became serious when he read about the “hitchhike story”… He asked me to meet him in the evening and said he will take me somewhere.
Since Happiness= Reality - Expectations… I kept my expectations low because my friend has a very bad habit of cancelling plans at unexpected moments
So I went to his house and was surprised to see that he was actually serious about the adventure thing
He took me to the hill behind our colony… I have been living in this colony for over 2 years and I thought that that hill is very small and is not worth exploring… But today I was surprised to see it was just a tip of the iceberg… There was a whole countryside (well it was not really a countryside since it was surrounded by the city of Rawalpindi) behind that hill. We explored it and It was fun. I kept asking my friend “Why didn’t you tell me about this place before”. He replied " You were a zombie before"
I was surprised to know that my friend shares the same love for fun as I do
The area was surprisingly huge. We encountered a wild fox, buffalos, dogs and some wild boars. I was cursing myself for not bringing my camera but later I figured that it was a good idea that I didn’t bring my camera
Instead of storing our memories in our brains by making it more memorable, we waste our time on storing it in the memory of the camera… Not cool…
So I tried to capture the moment by observing more
My observant eye caught things like “a mysterious well”(Built on the top of a hill XD) “a questionable bridge” ( Why make a bridge connecting two hills when you can easily cross it by river) “A condom”(I never saw one before… Yes I am still a virgin and a muslim😊) and a strange carving on the rock (Made by a human but it was too difficult for a human to reach there)
We sat on a rock and saw the hills it looked like New Mexico and I was expecting Walter White to be cooking meth there somewhere (Pakistan is a country having dense populated area… It is rare for such a place to exist especially in the populated city of Rawalpindi). The only thing which ruined the view was the river which we call “Nala” (Where people throw garbage)… So I took of my glasses so that I won’t be able to see the pollution down there
When we got back my shoes and my jacket was covered with thrones and sand. I had to come up with a creative explanation to explain my mother what happened
To thank my friend (I would refer him as IK) I offered to buy us a showarma
It was a nice start

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Some of your goals seem good, like generally improving, but I think you’re looking in the wrong direction.

There is nothing in the world that is boring. Rather, boredom is a state of mind. So, if you want to eliminate boredom from your life then you must look at yourself, not external things.

Of course if you seriously try to eliminate boredom in your life, I hope that you will eventually realize there is nothing to eliminate, and you were never bored to begin with.


From reading your bit, essentially you want to live a very much adventurous life doing things you would never otherwise do. Something out of routine.

Why not simply try a range of things you would never do. Go register for competitions as a beginner. experience failure, start a company, run a marathon, play some games you would never play, follow some media you would never indulge in. Something new everyday until you feel like you want to do something again for the next day. Subjects you never liked? Go learn them, perhaps at higher level, at lower level, with others. Experience what it’s like to just dive in, you can only do that when you start to do it.

After you get your rush of newness in routine, see if you come back here bored nonetheless.


My Journey So Far
Note: This post is the continuation of another post called “Gonna start training my memory after procrastinating for one whole year”
I was a 16 year old boy when I discovered memory techniques (accidently) and became a confident and ambitious man from an insecure, awkward and anxious boy I was used to be known as. I discovered that “I could learn anything” and It was possibly the most exciting discovery of my life. I wanted to learn more about my brain and I was curious about finding my maximum potential. I started reading books, and it became a favorite habit. I started training my memory passionately. I was very excited to show my parents my new abilities, I kept my training secret and thought of surprising my parents with my abilities and make them proud by doing good in studies. After getting good at memorizing numbers, words, concepts and the calendar, I thought it was time to reveal my memory powers to my parents. I thought my parents would be proud of me and when they will discover my potential they will help me achieve my dreams of changing the educational system (I hate Pakistan’s educational system), In order to that I needed to be a stronger person. I always prayed to god to make me stronger, I don’t care about money wealth or power… JUST MAKE ME STRONGER!!!
I thought I would become stronger out of the blue…
But little did I know… God had plans for me…
The day on which I revealed my memory capabilities to my parents was the worst day of my life and It was the biggest mistake too
I wanted God to make me stronger but I never could have imagined that he would make me stronger by turning my own parents into the biggest obstacle in my way.
When I showed my parents my memory feats… They literally started scolding me on being involved in these “useless” activities and started lecturing me on focusing on MY STUDIES INSTEAD!!!
I couldn’t believe it, I spent a month training my memory so that I could make my parents proud and they are like “Go Study!!!”… I was broken… For my whole life, my parents were the only people I trusted and they made the decisions of my whole life… They chose my cloths, my school, my snacks, the things I would buy from my pocket money and even my friends… I was completely dependent on my parents
But after that I realized that I should be more independent and instead of pleasing my parents (which I think is impossible to do because they have useless expectations from me) I should focus on growing myself into a stronger person.
It was not easy
I was very lonely… I was an introvert, had no friends and nobody to confide in and I hated my parents
I stopped training my memory (having no one to guide, appreciate and motivate)
I developed bad habits like sleeping late
I was completely lost
I tried committing suicide twice and the only thing that kept me from committing suicide was the hope that I can make a difference… That I can give the next generation a better educational system
In board exams of higher education I scored 82% (which might seem good but in Pakistan people even score 100%, bad education system, and scoring 82% was considered poor) even though I expected to top the board exams
I failed the MCAT tests later
I figured I should study psychology instead… Because I love it and It will have a great use in the future…
But again my parents were the biggest obstacle… They thought psychology is for “girls” and that I should study “Accounting and Finance” like my father… And I hated that subject… I am a man of science… I belong to the lab… Not to a boring office (and especially not in the same office as my father)… Eventually by using pear pressure from my entire relatives they managed to manipulate me into studying English
But later I started reading about the AI revolution and figured that AI is the best subject for me. By studying AI I would be able to secure a good job (My parents concern) And even achieve my dream by developing AI teachers (My main focus)…
So I managed to persuade my parents for AI by using psychological techniques (I wonder why didn’t I use them before???)
Now I have started training my memory again… this time with full secrecy… I can’t risk being demotivated again… My goal is to be consistent and post everyday on this website… I hope you guys would keep motivating me
BTW On exactly this day 10-12-20 last year I discovered these life changing techniques… Even though the last year has been my loneliest, saddest and most difficult year of my life, I can say this was the best year of life too… I learned a lot… I mean A LOT!!! this year… It has been a strange, long, and amazing year for me so far


My defination of “boring” is “any task which is not memorable, fun or in which there is no learning”… I am using it as a metaphor

I agree with this. Your point is right… we can find interesting stuff in things that seem boring at first glance only if we observe in the right direction.

Like darkness is nothing but absence of light… boredom is nothing but absence of fun, learning and engagement. My war against boredom is actually a struggle to live a fun and memorable life… I am just using metaphors to make this struggle feel epic (I want to share my struggle of not being boring… by sticking to the main topic… by not being boring)

That’s exactly what I am aiming for. But there are some restrictions that are keeping me from experiencing such a life… But these restrictions will lift off in about 2 months… meanwhile I intend to spend my time developing myself (improving memory, learning dance, reading books etc.)

That’s the most difficult part… starting… One of my goal before I go to university is to end my habit of procrastination or at least control it…


I recently heard about something called the “54321 rule”, and I’ve been using it. Basically, whenever you have to do something, before you can think too much about why you should procrastinate, just say “54321 go”, and then immediately start doing that thing. It’s working for me.

I read about it in a comment somewhere, but I’m not sure if it was on this site.


It is called “The 5 Second Rule” … It is the main topic of a very popular book of the same name… It also works for me… well some times… but generally I would say it’s a great technique…
But my goal isn’t to eliminate procrastination… but to control it
I recently read a book by Adam Grant called “Originals” in which he argues that procrastination is good for creativity and most of the “original people” are procrastinators. In order to be more successful and creative you have to be, what I call, a pre-procrastinator ( A person who is in the middle of being a pre-crastinator and a procrastinator i.e. A person who procrastinates wisely)… It is shocking but true that procrastinating is actually not that bad as most self help books put it

I think I’m going to keep referring to it as “54321”, because “5 seconds” seems too long for me — that’s enough time for my brain to find an excuse. For me, saying “54321” only takes about 1 second, which functions like a surprise attack on the procrastination part of my mind. By the time my brain figures out what is going on or has time to complain, I’m already doing that thing. :slight_smile:

I’m curious about what the author means by “procrastination”. For me, some types of “doing nothing”, like thinking or walking, can be very productive. Other kinds of “doing nothing” are harmful, like watching TV/movies, checking social media, or playing computer games. I think of “procrastination” as “avoiding necessary work”, which is a different category for me.


My Defination of Boredom
A task which is not engaging enough to lengthen my retrospective view of time is “boring” in my dictionary…
Like scrolling through social media, watching TV, movies etc… It is engaging (harmfully) but not engaging enough to slow down my retrospective sense of time
I want to live a long life which is long not in the world’s sense of time (But it would be great if I live longer… but it doesn’t really matter if I die younger) but in my brain’s own retrospective sense of time
My Defination of Fun
Anything which “feels fun” is fun. The catch is… I don’t find fun in things that seem fun to most people, Like going to weddings (I am forced to act like a zombie there), Movie nights (Not engaging enough… less memorable characters… That’s why I prefer watching TV series having great character development instead) etc.
I don’t know myself much so I rely on my intuitive feelings for such things
I categorize experiences into 4 categories:
1. Ultra-Low Density Experiences(BORING!!!)
Actions which neither give us instant gratification nor any memories or experiances
They aren’t engaging
Time feels longer perspectively and shorter retrospectively
It is the most common defination for boredom
• Studying boring school subjects that you don’t like
• Waiting in a line
• Stuck in a traffic jam
• Doing chores
2. Low Density Experience (Boring)
Actions which gives us gratification (Instant Gratification) but only at the moment (short term)
These actions aren’t memorable
We can’t engage in these actions that much
Time feels shorter perspectively as well as retrospectively (In other words… Time seems to fly away)
Examples :
•Scrolling through social media
•Reading memes
•Watching unproductive YouTube videos
•Watching unproductive movies
•Having a dull chat with people online (Mostly includes friends or people we know but not all the time… Some friends are really worth your time)
3. Medium Density Experience (Fun/Boring)
Actions which might or might not give us instant gratification
These actions are likely to be memorable
We can engage in these actions
Time feels shorter perspectively but a little bit of long retrospectively
Examples: Playing a new game for the first time (Like the infamous Minecraft’s First Night)
• Games like Minecraft which are very detailed can be counted in this category
• Anything in which you are really good and you like it (i.e. Learning to play a violin is high density at first but it becomes medium density when you reach the “OK Plateau”)
• Starting something new having engagement>learning can be considered in this category (Not sure about this though)
• Chatting with new people online
• Regular chatting with the people you know face to face(Not all)
• Listening to new music and liking it
• Watching productive YouTube videos
• Watching productive Movies
Note: This category is a bit in the gray area… So I get a hard time trying to categorize stuff here… Having little help would be great
4. High Density Experience (Obviously the best one!!!)(Fun)
Actions that might or might not give instant gratification but they definately give long term and long lasting gratification
• Engagement can be really high
Time moves slower perspectively as well as retrospectively
• Most of your childhood
• Doing something new having learning>engagement (Not Sure)
• First Kiss (Haven’t experienced this though but it is infamously memorable)
• Reading good books
• Meditating
• Learning a new skill
• Observing
• Having a great conversation face to face (Might be strangers or friends)
• Making art music etc
• Traveling
• Doing experiments
• Astronomy etc
These experiences act as a bookmark in one’s life… They standout the most in memories

My goal is to stay in the high and medium density experience territory
Zombies live in the first two categories but sometimes jump into the third category

Feel free to classify tasks into the above categories… If I am wrong about something point me out… I would appreciate it
I spent the whole night (last night) trying to categorize sleep… Where should I put it???( Its confusing… Time moves fast or slow perspectively depending on the quality of sleep and it just disappears retrospectively… Where was my consciousness at that time??? Was I dead?.. Like I said it’s confusing)
Note: I am using the word gratification while keeping “fun” in mind… of course some events do not give us gratification at all… Like death of a loved one is a high density experience but it doesn’t give us gratification (unless you are a psychopath😉)


I remember reading a book on the 5 second rule which explained that it was more about delaying impulses, not sure what the title of the book was. It might be the main book.

Though, it mentioned that you frequently get demotivated to do an action but that this de-motivation does not last more than 5 seconds, by counting down from 5 you get rid of that sensation and can make the choice without being demotivated to do so.

For the other alternative which is to press the implication that you need to do this task now, I actually prefer setting a timer that is very short to force me to work more quickly.

You can get inspiration when you are “avoiding necessary work”, for example, you might notice some similarity in the game you are spending time on and some problem that you need to solve for work.

If you spend all your time doing work, then it is likely you won’t take anything from outside work to solve problems for work. This might be where the creativity comes in.

I have had very much interesting fun, with tasks that have had flow and have also not had flow. Do you perhaps mean tasks that stay very memorable as highlights of your life are ‘not boring’?

If you are simply willing to have a new experience, both failure and success doesn’t matter, it only leaves starting. Though perhaps you should make the first thing to conquer procrastination by trying a range of things.


Yes… Tasks which are memorable and act like bookmarks in the book of life. I want infinite amount of these bookmarks… also called “time stamps” in psychology sometimes


Boredom is actually good

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Day 2
The day was memorable… because we had guests today… I like having guests because they make my day memorable
I spent most of my day in the low and medium density fun area…
But at night I took a trip to the high density fun zone (well kinda)… I made the images of 00-99 numbers using major system as well as PAO system (Making PAO images using Major System’s keys) but I struggled to find images for 45 and 84… I can’t use pre made images for these numbers because:
• I am Pakistani and I am not very familiar with the western culture… so I find it difficult using western celebrities as images (I don’t know most of them i.e. I don’t know Marlyn Monroe but I know Mickey Mouse)
• I am not using the traditional PAO system’s key

Dear wa_moonwalker

Just forget of having fun when you learn something. Learning has nothing to do with fun; but it generates curiosity, motivation and joy about the progresses of understanding new things ! You may have fun with your friends; but you hardly learn something from them. I think, that you never had fun with your professors; but you learned a lot by listing to them or you just ignored them and got bored. I recommend the following: Read the free PDF from Harry Lorayne HOW TO DEVELOP A SUPER POWER MEMORY. I myself use a PEG-SYSTEM with 100 pegs and can color it, place it somewhere and easily extend it to a PEG-SYSTEM with no upper limit. I can memorize anything. Just read the PDF and follow the instructions given by Harry. Harry Lorayne was the greatest memory artist in the world.

Interesting. It seems very foreign to me. I rarely experience boredom. Always something going on in my head.


I don’t really get the obfuscation in your general outlook, but ok.

I just wanted to clarify that your interpretation is not what I meant; at least regarding actual boredom and not metaphorical boredom. Your gloss would still entail looking in the wrong direction.

Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

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