Super Memory: Inch by inch it's a cinch, yard by yard it's hard.


This is from another forum post I made recently. For anyone new to this website, I encourage you to click on “Forum” on the upper left corner of this webpage to see much more mnemonics community discussion. Now on to the topic below:

If you approach learning The Art of Memory with the idea that you will try to learn everything at once and get extremely good in the matter of one week, then you are simply asking for failure. There is no extraordinary skill that can be gained by ordinary efforts. If you want to develop a super memory, you need to put in the small amounts of time everyday. You need to practice that 20 or 30 minutes a day learning how to be more creative and imaginative in how you go about using mnemonics. You need to read the books, blogs, forums, and you need to teach and talk to others about these mnemonic systems. I advice you to teach them to others for free at first, because the enthusiasm you get from other people will so inspire you and ignite your passion for Mnemonics that you will have gained significantly from giving. That is my experience.

Don’t wait for life to change before you change your life. Easy come, easy go. The more value you put into it, the more value you will get out of it. Don’t wait for circumstances to be right, but make the circumstances right by your dedication, persistence, and effort. Even if the mental images you create are difficult at first, even if it seems to take you a long time to use the techniques to remember even a few things at first, keep at it, and day by day, inch by inch, it’s a cinch. If you try to learn it by yards, however, it is very hard indeed. So remind yourself that life is short, the memory is stubborn, but your efforts are eternal and rewarding.


Love this post, I’m following this advice to the book, since I learnt the techniques I study it hours everyday and teach it to everyone who will listen, I even have dreams about mnemonics.


Tanim1995, that is fantastic to hear! I am glad my blog post inspired you. Just keep at it, my friend, and the rewards will compound like interest on your investment.

I also sometimes dream about mnemonic systems and journeys, and I remember many more dreams from using mnemonics. The reason for this, is that our imagination is infused with our dreams, and night-dreams are the complimentary side of daydreams. The more you train your mind in daydreaming, the more you train your night-dreams in creative discovery.


MnemonThat’s an interesting thought, have you noticed your dreams becoming more vivid since you started training


I wouldn’t say they have become more vivid, Tanim1995, I would say that my memory for their vividness has become stronger. The vividness is always there, but the memory for them is not always - unless you practice using your imagination a lot, especially for the purpose of remembering.


I’ve been audio- listening to the book Moonwalking with Einstein and, no big surprise, it led me here. I must say that the book definitely got me interested but your post is inspirational. I’m still unsure of where to start as far as training but I figure if I can take an hour a day to workout my body- I can definitely take 20 minutes a day to workout my brain.