Summary of the epic Memory League Season 8 FINAL

This is the final of Season 8 between Andrea Muzii from Italy and Simon Reinhard from Germany. They both have broken several World Records and both already crowned themselfes as World Champions in Memory Sports.

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It was fantastic watching these matches on Twitch. Given the time difference, I didn’t watch them live here in Australia, but made sure that I didn’t know the outcome. It was so much more exciting than I could have predicted.

Johannes Mallow must be congratulated for ensuring we could all watch. Josh and Simon Orton and all those behind the scenes that I don’t know about are starting a new phase in memory sports. The commentators and competitors were fantastic in the way they worked around technical hassles to put the whole thing together. And congratulations to the winner - but I won’t spoil that here - in case anyone hasn’t yet watched it.

More please!