Suggest me a PAO list

Hello everyone, Crystal here. I really wanna develop my memory and i think this forum will be helpful:)
Can any one suggest me a PAO list? I am struggling to make on my own :frowning:

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you search for PAO, you can already find a lot of posts with both systems and tips. Though I would advice to first try by yourself, and fill blanks with systems that others made.

Have you thought of a way you want your PAO to take shape? The major and dominic systems are great ways preferred by most (though there are a lot of other ways) and knowing how they work would be great help in both creating and memorizing the PAO. The wiki has a page that might help.

Most create their persons first. Actions and Objects can then be added according to the system or they can be made to match the person you have.

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As someone who partially filled out 3 PAO lists before settling on one, I recommend using @Mayarra concept of categories. The categories allowed me to maximize the number of persons relevant to me. On the other hand, something like the Dominic method led to too many people who were irrelevant to me, which is a common complaint of the Dominic system.

I would also recommend using people who have an overall visually distinct look. That’s why I used a lot of comic book and other fictional characters.

But ultimately whatever works for you is best. My recommendation might not.


As described here I guess. Maya's category PAO system

I think I may go down that route too. I’m currently using a Dominic based system, but some of my People just aren’t coming back to me easily enough. For example for 32 I’ve got Charles Babbage - Hand Cranking - his Analytical Engine(Mechanical Computer). Now I can remember the action and the object easily enough, but he just looks like some generic 19th century guy to me. In other words, not very memorable!


Well I’ve just put together a quick random practice matrix in Excel and got Charles Babbage twerking with an acoustic guitar. I won’t forget that :joy:

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Thank you

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There are some examples on the PAO System Examples page.

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Thank you very much :hugs:

My clubs are wrestlers and I love when they are the 2nd word.

Ace- Triple H- Action Pedigree
2- Undertaker- Action- Tombstone
3- The Miz- Skull Crushing Finale
4- Randy Orton- Action- Rko


I really like these because it is easy to create a movement. It is highly memorable when my dad hits me with a tombstone on my excercise bike.

Best Regards