Subvocalization in Flash Anzan

Hi, I’m here again :slight_smile:
I’ve decided to start my Flash Anzan, even having not mastered the physical soroban, but of course, I’m still doing the things on the physical version. I have a problem, and It’s related with my subvocalization voice. I’ve noticed that when I’m doing Flash Anzan, my inner voice try to say the numbers, in a try to make me not forget, and that’s happening when I’m imagining the soroban. I want to know if this is normal, or if I have to try avoid the voice and just imagine with my visual memory.


Yes, this is normal, but for flash anzan especially, it’s essential to avoid subvocalization. Try singing along to a familiar song while doing calculations (or reciting the alphabet, or something else to occupy your phonological loop).

When you get it right, it’s like magic, because your visual processing does the calculations while you just observe the process taking place. [Note: I never did flash anzan, but I speak from my experience with cross-multiplication and calendar dates. For some categories like square roots I still subvocalize some parts]


Oh, I see… That’s an interesting tip, I’ve never heard about. Thank you!

Well my experience is a little bit different from Daniel’s.

For Flash Anzan I use a
Combination of both, I use subvocalization for the result digits and visualization only for augment. In fact all of my other categories(multiplication etc), subvocalizing does take part.
I sometimes listen to music when I calculate, sometimes I play it in my mind. Sounds (including my inner voice) almost won’t affect my subvocalization, They work separately.
My flash anzan is my fastest category among all categories (for raw speed), Now I need 4.35 sec for 15 three-digits anzan.

Since you are learning soroban, your experience may be very different from me. All the soroban master I know don’t subvocalize at all.


Thanks, Flou. :grin:

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