Substitute words for German Vocabulary

Having trouble with many words like ‘immer’ which means ‘always’, can’t find words that rhyme and bring to mind an image that works. Maybe I am doing this all wrong. Help appreciated

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Have you looked at They have many people working on similar problems and big collections of potential mnemonic images for words.

For “immer” how about someone named “Zimmerman”. Or if you know the word “Zimmer” (room), then you could connect it with that.

How about you are at a crossroads and all exits - all ways - are blocked by old people with huge zimmer frames?


Or taking a different approach, you are by a pond in medieval times and a suspected witch is being noisily dunked while a zealous official urges people to “always immer-se a witch”

Or (!) a celebrity chef snake is boling an egg and hisses “alwaysss immersssse your egg fully under the water”

Think I may have been working too hard today!


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It takes some serious study, but if you look at the etymology of a word you will never forget it.

For example the German ‘immer’ is a compound and comes from the Old High German io (always) and mêr (more).
This is very close to the Old English æ (always) - mer (more). The English ‘ever’ is a compound and comes from æ (always) and vera (to be), which together was written ‘æfre’. Of course æfre is now simplified to ever. ‘æfre mer’ becomes ‘ever more’, which means ‘always’.

Now, after reading this, try to read ‘immer’ and not think of ‘ever more’.

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Thanks I just looked it up and think it will help

yeah I was thinking about all direction N S E W thank you

maybe u did work too hard today . U ssssshould take a rest. Thanks for the help

Not sure where to find etymology but ur right I think it will help.

Accidentally came across this post and this is a great suggestion. Now I will never forget immer (always-immerse the egg :smiley: )

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