Studying for different subjects

Hello. I am relatively new and am unsure of methods to use for certain subjects in school. For example, I just had a biology test, and tried to employ some of the techniques i learned in Harry Lorayne’s book. Since there are so many terms that hold no meaning to me, I tried using substitute words, but that proved to be useless for me as 90% of my papers are filles with them and it would just be easier to just use the rote system. How exactly would you go about something like this. Im interested in using the memory palace, but im somewhat not convinced it would work, but i have by no means enough knowledge on it to rule it out, so i will research it more. For things like history as well, where its not really just foreign words, but just a lot of memorization of events, how would you go about that as well? Thanks.


I believe that you need first to understand what you are reading (Vgr. Your biology problem). After you understand you would be able to easily memorize the information.

I would strongly recommend to read this article:
Follow the instructions. Understand first the basic concepts (like methods, reagents, etc).

I’m sorry if I wasn’t very specific, I’m not really fluent in English.

Both of those articles SiriB suggested are wonderful reference for your goals. I particularly recommend the second one (don’t be afraid to tweak the technique, the key is to find what works for you).

I think that you’ll find the terms and vocabulary easier to memorize if you look up what they mean first. The first article mentions this. Based on research and personal experience, I’d advise trying to come up with an analogy of some sort for anything that doesn’t quite click. I find things easier to memorize like that, anyway.

Good luck. I’m starting on a similar venture, so I’m interested to see how things work out for you. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also, definitely try out the memory palace. It really is a powerful technique (though you might want to practice with a shopping list or something first).

For biology all the terms are in latin therefore once i learned the world i also learned the etymology and this usually helps new words stick and the origins often repeat themselves and add meaning to the word. However the key to good grades in biology is to work practice test problems. Either find an old test or buy a book of questions. My first test in medschool i practically memorized the book but still almost failed the test. Then after i started to study and work questions tests became very easy!
Good grades and memorizing are not equivalent. If you want to make good grades and do well on tests then practice taking tests and look up the answers you do not know! if you want to memorize spend your time memorizing.
You can spend your time memorizing old test questions is more time efficient than reading the entire book and memorizing it!