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:wave: my name is Lynn, from Lancashire England. I’m going on to my second year BSc Nutrition and exercise sciences, this year will become very intense very early on, I’m 60 (yes really!) I’m familiar with memory palaces… need to brush up though, just wondering if anyone has studied biology, physiology, nutrition and statistics and can give me help in fitting these modules into memory palaces? Please help. Thank you :pray:


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If someone doesn’t stop by with an answer soon, try posting a specific example of something that you’re trying to memorize in a new thread. Questions that are more specific usually get more replies.

You might also find some ideas by searching for previous discussions.

Do you expect to have multiple palaces per subject?

I was hoping to have 1 memory palace per module, using locations (homes I’ve lived in) per module.

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I don’t know much about these fields nor what your curriculum will be. Biology is vast trove of detailed information. For much of its history it has been basically a descriptive science with very little useful theory to simplify the information. Seems a lot to pack in to one Memory Palace.

If you are just doing a survey course, that might be another matter.