Stuck in solving the first layer

Hi cube sollvers,
I’m trying to learn the basic of the cubes with my kids and after using this tutorial
I got to a stage where the white side is ready but the first layer is mixed in the following way:
What are the steps to fix it? I’ve spent days searching for solutions.

Thanks a lot!

The answer to that question is to perform an H perm on the white layer…

…but since you’re learning the basics, I guess that won’t mean much to you before you don’t get to PLL. The link you’ve posted doesn’t open for me, but I’d recommend this tutorial as it is one of the best I’ve seen describing the beginners method.

You can find a printable cheat sheet here:

Thanks a lot!
While the H Perm was too complicated, the tutorial was just the right thing.

I solved it for the first time.
Now how do I start memorizing? Any tips?

Depends… what are you trying to memorize? Just the algorithms for the beginner’s method or do you want to memorize the cube to solve it blindfolded?