Stuck in rubiks cube. Only last two corner pieces are interchanged.

I am stuck in rubiks cube. I have nearly solved the cube. Onlylast two corner pieces remain interchanged. Not able to solve it. Can someone help me on this one?

You can get unsolvable cubes like that if the centre caps have been removed and put back in the wrong place.

First, check that you have the correct colours opposite each other - white/yellow, orange/red, green/blue. If not, fix the centres and try to solve the cube again.

If the opposite sides are correct but it still can’t be solved, hold the cube with white on the top, yellow on the bottom, and move the other four centre caps 90 degrees around: move the red cap to where the blue cap is, the blue cap to where the orange cap is, the orange cap to where the green cap is, and the green cap to where the red cap was. Then try to solve the cube again.

Did you scramble that cube yourself? It’s not really possible to arrive at two swapped corners like this… you could have two twisted corners, but you got blue/red on the orange side and vice versa.

Probably somewhere during the solve, you twisted a corner by accident… or someone who played with it. Simplest way to fix this is to twist a third corner on the top layer and perform an A-perm.

From the pictures everything seems to be in the right place… unless green and white are swapped.

@Deraderu aside from what needs to be opposite as described by @Simon, make sure that you got red on the right if you got white on top and green in front.

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