Stuck in a Rut!

Hi All,
I know this is a subjective topic. But, as a newbie, learning the memory techniques have open up enormous opportunities in whoever I aspire to be. I have the confidence that I can learn any engineering subject and move on to complex technical subjects and so on just by knowing that these techniques help.
But, as a newbie, time to time I find myself lost in sharpening my techniques. For example, I was overjoyed when I created my first 0-99 PAO system and used it to remember number plates of at least 10-15 vehicles each day!
Now I find my enthusiasm for that is gassing out and the need for other knowledge areas where I used spaced repetition to memorise.
And sometimes I feel, I’m not progressing enough or practising for the next level.
Anybody else having this problem? Maybe I should find more interesting things to memorise.
Also, I’m yet to compete in the memory league too.
Any suggestions on which path to take?