Struggling with Memory Palaces

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time on memory palaces. I’ve found myself going down YouTube rabbit holes and reading as many books as I can about the subject. I’m fascinated by what our memories are capable of after realizing how crappy mine is, but still feel after 2 months of working on things I’m not making any progress. A big issue for me is thinking of things in terms of pictures. I’ve never been that creative and trying to come up with images for concepts is a real struggle for me. How long did it take you all before you started to see real progress in your memory training. I don’t want to let up, but I’m feeling particularly down.


If you post a few examples of some concepts and images you’ve tried to use, people here might be able to offer specific tips.

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This has been discussed here a lot before under visualisation. Visualisation is a skill to build. There are some exercises you can do. One idea: look at a flame, close eyes, try to remember what it looked like, try again etc


Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.

I was and still in kinda same situation. Learning everything about memory, going through the forum, reading books and all but not making any progress or using the memory tools in my study.

It’s frustrating. So I had shared my issue in our weekly memory chat and someone told me why it’s happening.

He told me that if we want to learn martial art, we can’t just see someone doing it and reading a bunch of books about it and think that we can perform martial art. We need to practice step by step. First, you learn to kick, then punch, then maybe blocking.

In the same way, we need to practice all the memory tools step by step and regularly. First come up with the 0-9 Major, then tomorrow you store those major in a memory palace and so on. You get the idea.

I’m not sure if I am addressing your problem right. I’m relatively new here and sharing my little knowledge about the vast world of mnemonics.

Stick to the group. :slight_smile:


I do have the same problem at the very beginning of my visual mind. The issue starts like this way; I think I remembered the images related to my loci. However, the truth is that I remembered a story (by verbal). That might be why some people think their memory is vague.

(P)A simple way to check ur image existence but not verbally exist:

  • Tangible things: object/person/animal or whatever. Is it facing you? Is it big or small? Is it moving? Is it acting on something related to the environment? Can you tell the colors of the images?
  • Intangible things: it’s characteristic: pride, timid or stubborn? It’s emotion: angry or happy? Is something inside its body or mind, is he plotting to do something related to the next images?

Those are chains to consolidates ur images. You can try to act as a narrative in the scenes. Try to describe the scenario as concrete as u can. In most of the case, the unclearness is just due to naming out the pegs.

For instance

: someone uses Person and action system. He can remember his peg perfectly; then he is asked to remember a set of numbers. one group is 12 34. which is a dragon + flying. After recalling these image, he puts it into a locus. :x::x::x: He will lose these images if his memorization list is big because there are no features in this combination at all. He won’t tell why it is a dragon but not a butterfly. He can’t tell y the creature flys but not diving.

The dragon is actually your naughty tiny pet at home, he flies to the locus(shelf) because he wants to smell the grass in the flask. :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:

Try in this way, you will discover a new world! :upside_down_face:


More than a year for me to be “satisfied” with the result of my Memory training!!!

Memory training is a skill,and like all other skills,it takes time to master the skill…

So,don’t feel disheartened by the slow progress… Keep practicing, keep trying. You will get there for sure!


Hi All,
I really appreciate the responses. When reviewing my PAO using the Dominic system, I’ve noticed even after spending time doing spaced repetition with Anki flash cards, I still don’t have a clue after looking at some of the initials. I.e. HD is 84 which is Hilary Duff. The only thing that pops into my mind instantly for HD is High Definition… The same went for ND which is Napoleon Dynamite, however once I thought of ND as North Dakota (I thought of the farm where Napoleon Dynamite (Person) fed (Action) Tina his llama (Object) and the PAO started to stick. Should I be moving my whole PAO system to a Memory Palace? I’ve read conflicting information about people putting their PAO’s in MP’s, but also not needing to since you will already have an association with that number. Once I identify what the Person is for the initials, the Action and Objects come automatically.


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Of course you can build a dictionary type mp just for normal pao fall, 0→99. Later it act as glossary for picking items into another mp.
Treat it as ur base, review it frequently. After certain days, u can start to build indicators(some what like wormhole): say u do specify exercise on loci 5x. Then you can speed up the recall in random jumps.

eg loci 23, u jump to the closest peg 20 and walk visual next 3 steps, and c pegs pao 23-23-23.