Strategy for musical notes memorization

This is a minimalist approach to quickly learn to read the typical staves in Western music notation. Only the notes or “pitch”.

First consider the staves of the music sheets you intend to memorized first: a huge amount of modern and classical songs make use of the Treble and Bass clefs, but for any clef you can use the method. This tutorial covers:

Method 1

You will a have a number system memorized between 00-99, best if Dominic System or any PA. Alternatively create pegs for the notes encoding then in this manner: C4 = mnemonic image, D4 = mnemonic image.

You can memorize each note individually using the method of loci as a journey. Or as a pair of line space using two images at a time.

Treble clef:
C4D4 E4F4 G4A4 B4C5 D5E5 F5G5
Bass clef:
E2F2 G2A2 B2C3 D3E3 F3G3 A3B3

Within 6 loci per clef you’d have the notes represented as a person for the lines and action for the spaces. Review this, and read music, read enough till you gain recognition of each note. This is a must.

I leave to you whether or not to use mnemonics for “songs” or music sheets (it’s possible), by advise for songs: chunks that add as much non repeated patterns of notes. This for another post, I don’t promise another post on music.

Method 2

Draw an image to attach to its parts the particular staff, however you like, I prefer:


You will use this image as memory palace: at the right side of each line, would you put a mnemonic image for the note, at the left side within you settle each space note. That simple. For each clef create a distinct image palace or image location where you place your mnemonic images.