Strategy for Metabolic pathways?


Hi, first I’d like to thank you all for your help!! These forums have a lot of useful information, I’m glad to be part of this community. Thank you for that!

Im studying Pharmacy and Biochemistry, and this is an example of a metabolic pathway (I know, it’s threatening but beautifully crafted at the same time).
How would you confront it in order to store these circles in a memory palace?
Writing one path apart, then another avoiding the circle? Or as a story? Any good strategy or approach?

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An imaginative Mind Palace structered the same way as the diagram with rollercoasters representing the arrows. Those rollerscoasters end up at the loci which are pointed at by the arrow in the diagram.

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Hello! I have the same problem I hope someone explains to us. Personally I tried to imagine every molecule as an individual, which changes depending on the partner with which it is, the problem is that maybe I remember the name but I did not find the way to link the image to the molecular structure.


I can help you with the structure and the name. It really helps knowing the etymology and chemical groups (Cooh, Nh2, OH, C=O, C-O-C, etc.). When you know how to name them, you can break the molecule into tiny parts. For instance, Glucose = Sugar = Carbohydrate (made of CHO). It contains poli-OH’s and a C=O group.
If you aready know that, then for glucose you ought to remember this simple mnemonic: do a “Fu*k you” middle finger with your right hand - The fingers tell you where are the OH’s are supposed to be.
If you need to remember another sugar, simply use the concept of epimers (changin the configuration of only one -OH). You can then memorize the number and the new name.
If you need to remember an aminoacid, put them into groups by polarity and order them from simplest to the more complex aminoacid. And learn the changes and the new name.
Sorry if my English sucks, I’ve never explained Chemistry to someone in English.

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Hello Ai_Leen I do not speak English, and anyway I understood very well. Thank you! =)