Strange request: Memory tech for Astrology?

Hi! I’m Jeremy and a new member, but a couple of years ago I gave money into he Kickstarter campaign for building the app. Now I’ve finally signed up for a membership for a very specific purpose…

I’m an astrologer and will use a memory technique to memorize astrology charts. There are about 24 data points per chart that describe the Sign and degree position of the planets and the various points on the chart which maps the position of all the planets at the moment of someone’s birth. Without memory techniques it takes me about 1.5 to 2 hours to memorize a chart and I’ll forget it quickly if I don’t keep reviewing it. I’d like a faster way to memorize them.

I’ve attached a chart so you can see what I’m talking about.

I have to memorize a list of 24 items that look like this:

Moon 29 degrees 37 minutes Virgo
Sun 0 degrees 24 minutes Capricorn
Ascendant 7 degrees 14 minutes Aquarius
4rth House 28 degrees 6 minutes Taurus

I think you get the idea.

There are 30 degrees per sign, and each degree has 60 minutes inside it. Each sign has a symbol that represents it, like animals and other things. Each planet and house have a kind of image to them as well.

What I’m thinking is that the best way to handle this is to memorize peg words for 1 through 60 so I can memorize the degrees and minute. Then develop a mental image for each point. Using the peg words and the symbols the represent the planets signs and houses.

What do you guys think? Will it work? Any other ideas?

Thank you for your help!!



You need a Number System like ‘Major System’ or ‘Dominic system’ for converting the numbers into images.

You also need to convert the words/terms/planets into images.

Then,you will create stories/links among the ‘word-images’ and ‘number-images’.

You will put the stories/images in the loci of a Memory Palace…

Should be easy if you use the right tools…


Thanks! This is awesome direction!

Let me explain a tad more.

Each planet is located in Zodiac sign and house. In the image, you can see the signs on the outer ring (symbols for Capricorn, Aquarius, etc.), and the house divisions are indicated in the middle, where it divides the chart into pie pieces (with the first house starting at the left where the arrow points left). The houses count 1, 2, 3 in a counterclockwise direction.

Each house cusp has the degree/minute position within the 30 degrees of the sign. And each planet has the degree/minute position within the 30 degrees of the sign.

As I understand from you @elitely, for the planets and signs and degree numbers, I can use stories/links to link them together (after using the Major or Dominic System to turn the numbers into images). Then I will put each planet/sign/degree story into the rooms of the memory palace. Each room will represent one of the 12 houses.

Still, I’m not sure how to do the house cusps. Each house begins at a specific degree of a sign. Perhaps I can have a section of each room (house) of the memory palace where I put a story/link that represents the Degree-Minute-Sign of the cusp? I think that would work, right?

Here’s a little more details:

The planets: The planets will be easy: Each represents a God or a clear image. For example, Mercury is the Messenger God with wings on his feet. Pluto is the God of Death. Saturn is the Old Man of the Zodiac. Venus is the Beautiful Goddess. Mars is the Virile Brave Warrior.

The Signs: The signs also have clear symbols, either animals or objects that represent them.

The Houses: Do you think that the houses could make up the rooms of the memory palace? The birth chart is divided into 12 Houses:

  • 1st House of Self/Body
  • 2nd House of Finances
  • 3rd House of Communication/Siblings
  • 4th House of Home/Family/Roots
  • 5th House of Love/Children/Creativit
  • 6th House of Daily Work/Service/Illness
  • 7th House of Marriage/Contracts/Open Enemies
  • 8th House of Death/Other People’s Money
  • 9th House of Higher Education / Philosophy / Religion
  • 10th House of Career, Life Purpose / Direction
  • 11th House of Community/Friends/Hopes and Wishes
  • 12th House of Suffering/Mysticism/Hidden Enemies

The degrees: The degrees of each sign go from 1-29 and the each degree has 60 minutes.

Thanks for all of your insights!

Not sure that I understand how astrology is supposed to work, but it seems to me that the themes of each house could be represented by some action verb. For example:

  • 1st house: the self/body could involve washing or showering, since that is about the self and the body. (I could think of other, more memorable action words, but am trying to keep it family friendly.)
  • 2nd house: finances could be represented by robbing a bank or person.
  • 3rd house communication/siblings could be represented by twins speaking to each other with a rudimentary ‘telephone’ made of two tin cans joined by a taut string.
  • 4th house home/family/roots might involve tending a back yard garden.
  • And so on…

So, then you for your example “4th House 28 degrees 6 minutes Taurus”, you might picture a n anthropomorphized cartoon bull (Taurus) gardening (4th house) in the back yard. While pruning garden plants with a knife, he accidentally sticks his knife {28 in Major system) in his shoe (6 in Major system).

So far, you have not needed a memory palace. You don’t have to equate an astrological house with a mnemonic house, room or building (although, I suspect the ancients may have done so). Instead, you could use your memory palace loci to store different charts. So maybe each room could hold a different chart.

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Hi,you can do the whole think without using a Memory Palace! Memory Palace is not at all essential for memorizing anything.

You can just use the ‘ássociation’(linking/Story,etc) technique to accomplish your desired outcome…

Also,I would suggest you to try the “Änki” software. It could be that you can achieve all that you want with using Anki only. You might not need any memory techniques when you use Anki for your subject…


I’m intrigued by what you said, “I suspect the ancients may have done so.” Because I’ve been curious about this for a long time. The intersection between astrology and ancient memory techniques. When I was learning the characteristics of the signs, I created memory palaces for each sign and put the different characteristics of the signs inside them. It was a great exercise and it occured to me that perhaps ancient astrologers did that. In ancient times, all of the philosophers/leraned people (like Plato, Socrates, Pythagorus, Copernicus, etc.) all learned people were astrologers. Without computers, they had to rely on their memories and ancient techniques. And I’m so curious how they used these techniques with astrology.

Thanks for your tips. I’m going to look into Anki - though I do like using memory techniques. I’m going to look at Dominic System and Major System and decide which one to use for the degree numbers.

Thanks so much again and for the warm reception. I’m excited about this and using your tips along with @elitely’s advice. This is an awesome community.


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Hi Voozel,

Actually the ancient Greeks DID use the Zodiac as a memory device.

Dame Frances Yates talked about that in her book “The Art of Memory.”

Not only that but I refer you to 3 works in print that might interest you…both dealing with Astronomy, Astrology & ancient sources…Mind you, the 2 works I mention are from Christian authors but the research is very solid:

  1. Mazzaroth by Frances Rolleston
  2. The Gospel in the Stars by Joseph Seiss
  3. The Witness of the Stars by E.W. Bullinger

Rolleston made the book in England then Seiss & Bullinger read it in the United States and did further looking into the subject matter.

Ultimately, The circle can be broken up into the 36 Decans if you desire.
From there, you can attach each image (Zodiacal) to each of 12 places or topoi (in Greek).

The rest of astrological signs and correlates can be made once the foundation is laid out.


If you haven’t seen it, there is an introduction to memorizing numbers here: