Storing Major list into MP

Hey Memory squad! Need your suggestions.
I have my 00-99 Major System completed. Initially, I have planned to memorize this list by brute force (Flashcards, Using daily).

But now I want to store this list in a memory palace.

My question is - how do I associate my Major words with the number?

For example, How do I associate Dalai Lama with the number 15 or Nemo (the fish) with 23 and then put it into my memory palace in a way that I can instantly recall the word associating with a particular number?

so if I understand correctly, you want a memory palace where you have both the number and the image stored in a way.

The easiest way for as far as I know is a structured memory palace.

You have 100 or 110 images to remember, which you can divide into 10/11 different parts. (00-09, 10-19, etc, The eleventh is 0-9, you may or may not have that)

Your memory palace should have 10/11 parts as well then, with 10 loci in each part.

Lets say the living room is the part for 20-29, you would place each image on the respective locus. 20 will be the first, 21 the second, 22 the third, etc. So the fourth locus in the living room would be 23, and on that locus you would have nemo.

Some also prefer to have the numbers match completely. So 23 is also on locus 23. It makes it a bit easier, though this leaves 00 to go on the locus 100.

Whatever way you pick is up to you, some prefer the first and others prefer the second.

In order to recall all images smoothly though, the most important part is practice. Get yourself a random number generator or a number scrambler (both can be done in excel, if you are handy with that) and practice.

That being said, the major system -should- already make it easier for you to recall the images quickly through the encoding of numbers into sounds.

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