Statistics and Scores for Memory competitions

Hi there, does anyone know where that I can found scores of all memory competitions throughout history, I wondering this because when I tracking for latest results for the Asia-Pacific Memory Championships on World Memory Statistics and many more links but all I got it’s nothing :pensive:

As per the front page title of world-memory-statistics website,
This website is currently under reconstruction following a technical issue and a change of server. We are currently uploading the latest scores from recent championships in the Middle East, UK, Italy and the big Asia Pacific Open Memory Championships. We apologies for the delay in posting this information. The Official World Rankings will also be brought up to date to recognise the achievement of our competitors in recent months.

For memory competitions organized by IAM and GAMA, you should be able to see all their results on their respective websites

Well, hope it will works soon. Thanks a lot for informing me!