Starting out on memory journey

Hi there,
I’m starting out on this fascinating subject of memory and how to improve it. I stumbled across this trying to improve reading speed with comprehension and found out that being able to remember something quickly and affectively is important. Now I see that there are ways to remember numbers and cards and things called memory palaces. I was wondering if there was an outline that someone here followed to delve into the topics and learn intentionally and effectively instead of jumping around like a pinball?

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Check out the how to learn memory techniques page, and let us know if you have any questions about the material. The free ebook is a short read.

My main thing is wanting to do it without wasting time going around in circles. so are there basics that should be learnt before moving on to something more complicated. I’m attracted to numbers and figured that working through the major system to remember numbers could be useful and then saving them in a memory palace. The thing is am I missing something else or does it really just depend on what I’m focusing on learning and remembering?

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The major system and memory palaces are safe choices for memorizing numbers. That’s a good place to start.

Bro, does speed reading works??with a good comprehension?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. But currently I read around 280wpm so I don’t want to read a book in 15 minutes but if I could get closer to 350 or 400 I could get more information in a week. With better memory I am hoping to put it all together into being able to recall and use all the books I’m reading for future reference.

Let me know if you find any usefull technique :blush:

I just took the test and I am 279 wpm as well. Lately I’ve been using text to speech and taking notes when reading textbooks and it certainly works better than just listening, as far as comprehension. Please let me know what your research uncovers because the more I am learning I am discovering it’s not what you study but how you study in general. Welcome to the site.

Thanks. I think that by taking notes afterwards and then putting them into a memory palace, I’m still wondering whether to use one room for each book and then be able to build a palace that is a library although that might get out of hand quickly. Just starting to wonder how to create more memory palaces.

One thing I’ve come across is Schultz tables although I can’t find anything in the forums about it. Does anyone have any experience with them?

GG! image
Playing in blind mode is as fun as eyes on!

I use this by the way to calculate my current reading level:
That way I know that I am upping the level when I reach my desired speed and then and continue to press on

So is it means I’m really bad, my speed is just 245wpm?

I wouldn’t say bad. You just read at that speed. If you want to read faster, as I do, then you just have to work on techniques to do that. I just also want to retain comprehension.