standard number of memorized words per day

Dear all
I’m completely new here and having a quick question. I have searched, questioned and tried the number of words I should memorize per day to have them more sustainable in my memory.
some say memorize 6-20 words per day and some say that it is up to you and there are ppl out there that can take more than 50 a day.
what would you suggest if you are experienced.


I am conversational in Spanish and have spent the last five years trying to learn it. I would say that the amount of vocabulary words you can memorize in a day depends on how much time you have and what style of memorization you are using. For instance, in high school and college, I used rote memorization and was able to usually memorize about fifteen words in an hour. I have since switched to memorizing vocabulary words using images in a type of peg system and focus on memorizing maybe five in an hour. Keep in mind though that you will generally be able to recall words for a longer amount of time if you use some type of mnemonic over rote memorization. When first learning a language though, sometimes there are just too many words to create images for. Hope this helps.

Hi Pololo:

My challenge isn’t to learn words but understand the most phrases as possible and how is the vocalization
2.For these, I’m using Google Translator, Anki, and (to download the sound of Google translator and put them on Anki)
3.Also, I use Anki to write the sentences(to improve my writing)

I hope I’ve helped you

Yeah Aneu, Maybe you are right in general, but there is a maximum no. for every common brain size and having more time doesn’t necessarily means having more brain space to learn a language. :slight_smile:

If you are asking how many words you should tackle you should start at a manageable level. You can definitely create more than 5 POAs in an hour. Try as many that allows you to recall the words perfectly the next day - test yourself. Try more and more each week until you can recall them all ie Stretch. These will of course have to be rehearsed. And sometimes it is actually good for you to used spaced repetition here so that just before you forget it completely you pull it back into you consciousness.

Again it is through practice, not genetics, not brain size, the former has too many correlations to tease out causality and the latter has been patently disproved.