Stacking Pocking Dimensions in a Memory Palace

I am curious about your opinions on creating several different pocket dimension inside of a memory palace like.

Here’s an example if you don’t understand what I mean:

(Main Palace) Character → (Artificial palace 1) Characters Traits → (Artificial Palace 2) Analysis of Traits

Here you have a Main palace stored with a bunch of characters and each of those characters has a artificial palace stored with that characters personality traits and then those artificial palaces connect to another artificial palace with character analysis.

So to use this you would go to your Main palace and remember the character which would remind you of the artificial palace for the characters personality traits which would remind you of the artificial palace that you made for the character analysis.

The idea is that this would let you store a lot of information in one memory palace and it would be a nice way to subdivide different topics which would help you see the connections between them. Obviously the big problem would be stability so I’m curious if you think it’s worthwhile or even realistic to use a system like this?


I once assigned a pocket dimension to some objects(to represent info) in my memory palace after after I had associated those objects with information and that had improved my memory by 50%,


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What you are describing is a tree structure or a hierarchy. These come naturally to the human mind and if you reflect you probably have a lot of knowledge in that form. Think of your car, then the components, then the parts of the engine, then the timing mechanism etc…

Tree structures are very useful, compact and efficient. If carefully designed, the hierarchy itself will encode useful info. But they have drawbacks. If you drop a link, you lose the entire subtree that depends on it. Also, if your categorization is ambiguous, you may have a lot of trouble finding a specific item. This is a common problem with deeply nested file structures. Was that photo under Family or Friends?


Your idea is actually very similar to Gavino’s Memory Palace method.

The main thing I wonder is what kind of categorization system would you use. Maybe something like the Dewey Decimal System would suffice?

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