Spoken numbers faster

I think in memory competitions we also need to do an event of spoken numbers at a rate of half a second per number, it will make the event more funny and challenging :slight_smile:
what you think ? you can practice that speed in memory ladder app. my personal best in that speed is 78/80 and now I aim for 100 :slight_smile:



Another thing, I did have a old version of this APP. Now this APP locked the freestyle mode, if no purchase.

What is this for app?

This APP is free but limited to levels, purchase to unlock.

There are quite a few apps/websites/programmes with which one can practice Spoken Numbers:

I have practiced with 0.5s intervals many years ago, but I don’t quite recall what my scores were. Quite sure it wasn’t as good as @fogelmemory . :slight_smile:
0.5s is really hard. For normal practice, I liked doing it with 0.7-0.9s intervals, and I think it was very useful to help me improve in the normal Spoken Numbers event (1s feels so slow afterwards :D).



I have not Anorid so do you know if there is some app for apple?

I don’t think Apple has great memory training APP for English user. Most the Apple memory APPs are purely games, eg matches two cards or click the seen items. If you don’t mind language, there’s an APP i think it worths a try.

For other functions discover by U! :hugs: