Spelling words


I homeschool and one of the hardest things right now is spelling words. Any idea how to code them into a mind palace? I’m trying to put these concepts into practical use for them. I have kids ages 15, 14, 13, 11 and 8.


What kind of spelling mistakes do they make?


I have 5 children and each have their own problems, nothing that they wouldn’t have have in if in public school. From what I remember anyway. Biggest problem I have is my 15yr old who taught herself (long story, but she’s very smart and I was having babies at the time so she took it upon herself to do this) to read but she used the whole word approach instead of phonics. Now she can’t spell well because of this. I don’t have to report to the school district for her this year(she’ll be 16 in August and that’s the cut off point for reporting to the school district) we’re just getting the GED prep book and skip over everything else. Once she has that she can start college early. I’m just going to have to teach her spelling really hard this year. She needs to be good enough to write an essay for the GED. She really hates school, but I’m going to try to teach her some Technics I’ve learned to help her not be so frustrated with school. And of course her younger siblings as well. My youngest is 9, hopefully this will be something he can use the rest of his life.


I have 7 year-old girls, and I have thought about trying the following: First, making sure they have a firm word to represent each letter, e.g., S = Snake, B = Bear, etc. Then, when working on spelling words, try to make up a cute story that might stick in their minds. For example, if the spelling word is “Burn”, try a story like this: As we were walking to school, we passed a Bear at our mailbox, holding an Umbrella (because it was raining). He saw a big Rat, which jumped up and bit his Nose." Then the challenge might be linking this image to the word BURN.


I know this is an old thread, but I thought of posting in case it helps someone. This might sound a tad old world, but a combination of using rebus readers and phonetics makes learning spellings quite easy. This might help https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/articles/teaching-content/how-children-learn-spell/