Speedreading on ereader

So I’ve recently gone through Peter Kump’s Breakthrough Rapid Reading. For the most part, I thought it was pretty good (I found the “advanced” hand movements unpractical in most situations), I’m wondering how well it would work when reading on a Kobo touch. I can’t really use my finger because it would flip the pages when I move it across the page, so does anyone have any tips or suggestions?

I not familiar with the Kobo Touch but when I’ve used other touch screen devices they aren’t always designed to detect objects such as pencils, pens, straws etc. Maybe try using one of those items instead of your finger when speed reading. Hope this helps

I actually tried that already, but the touch screen still responded. Thanks though.

What’s your biggest problem or frustration SPEED READING? Let me know HERE: http://svy.mk/qCcUo1

You may face number of problems on e-reader like the next line you want to study,the font size adjustment etc.Also you may be bored by reading lots of article bit by bit.So speed reading is very much essential to get the summery of the contents easily and quickly.The reading,writing skills will be improved.

Hi all. I see there’s lot of book about this matter. Can anyone propose the best book? i think we can go fast if we go right first. Thanks for your all support.

You wouldn’t actually have to touch the screen for the hand movements. I read a book on speed reading (5 years ago now) which said that the purpose of hand movements was simply to keep you from going backwards. I don’t know how hard it’d be to get used to, but you could just hover your hand above the screen without touching it. Or, if the reader is on a flat surface, you could place a piece of paper on it to keep you on track and from skipping backwards.

That was the first thing I thought of. The problem is depth perception. When I’m in “maximum” speedreading mode, I gotta keep my eyes on my fingertip in order to keep up them on track. When my finger is slightly above the page, this messes up my vision because my eyes are now focused slightly above the page.

I’ve recently written on some RSVP related technologies which are available on Android, iOs, and Kindle (Android versions).

In particular I really love the Balto Speed Reading app on my Kindle Fire which seems to work incredibly well. For fiction that I read for entertainment, I’m pushing up against 800 wpm while for more technical/information intense material I’m still hovering around 450 with strong comprehension and even reasonable recall. (250 wpm is a rough average for the overall population.)