Speedcubing Annotation Mnemonic

I’ve been attempting to crack the code on memorizing lengthy Algorithms in speed cubing. I know that muscle memory is the best way to slowly build up the knowledge, but also for memory’s sake I would love if someone could help me to translate annotation into images, chunked images, sounds, or anything that could initially supplement the muscle memory for better recall

Those who don’t know, there is notation for each of the 6 sides R, L, U, D, B, F. All of those clockwise movements each have their counter clockwise movement as well as “wide move” and “double move”. Along with this there is also movement of the whole cube on the x, y, and z axis as well as “splice moves” in the Middle, Equator, and S(sine?).

An example looks like this: y R U’ R’ U l U F U’ R’ F’ R U’ R U l’ U R’

These have already been attempted to chunk into groups of 4 with names such as sexy move, unsexy, sledge hammer and hedge slammer along with their mirrored, backwards, and backwards mirrored variety. For those I have already made specific celebrities to represent them along with their 4 varieties (Mirrored, ect…) as wearing a different item of clothing in my imagery. (I also have wide sexy “r U R’ U’ “ as Queen Latifa as an added tip on my imagery)

I am looking to find a logical way to chunk other groups of 4 into their own Image (celebrity, action, object or whatever). In that regard, if you’d like to throw out some ideas thatd be awesome!

Ive also attempted to make each movement its own skateboard trick, and those tricks making up a whole line or link that I would then memory palace. In this regard I have created every other or counter movement (vertical rotation to horizontal rotation) into a flip trick and then a slide or manual, then of course another flip trick and so on. This is also lengthy.

PAO System seems very elaborate with little reward when I converted each movement into numbers, but it is a possibility. I would need a gigantic palace for that one.

I’m very close to having a system, but some practical tips would be helpful. Thanks!


This is my PAO annotation based on the Major System, and just filling in the gaps. Whole pic isn’t displayed, but you get the idea. Has anyone played around with their PAO system for other mnemonics?

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Hello, its a good idea.

I had a similar idea in 2014, and developed a system, which makes algs easier to memorise.

For most CFOP like algorithms, breaking it into triggers is good enough. For other sets, and some blindsolving set, Yo notation is useful.