Speed Reading Tips

When reading see lines as black lines as in newspapers of cartoons and learn to estimate the no of letters in a word just by looking at it(Hint- Length) and not counting the no of words in it as actions are mostly 5 letters long, Names 6-9 letters long and so on, Which can help in answering the questions of who(Names),What(Actions) and so on.

When reading a page imagine that there is an anaconda at the start of a page and it is going to eat you if you do not run(read fast) and so you read faster.(Credit- Howard Berg)

You can read as if you are watching a movie.(Credit- Howard Berg)

You can use busybody reading or hunter reading according to your needs.

Practice reading faster while comprehending,A lot of people do not practice walking faster even if they have walked for 30 years and even after 30 years of walking if they practiced walking faster their speed will improve in 3 monther more than in improved in 30 years and the same can be done for your reading(Practicing reading faster without losing comprehension and perhaps retention)

Say a,e,I,o,u in you mind quickly when reading and strategically as these vowels come often in the words that you are reading and this will not only increase your reading speed but will reduce sub-vocalization.

What about just passing the eyes through the letters without subvocalizing? I have thought on it but never tried because it may make my reading spoiled.

I tried it just now on some forum posts and it really increased my speed when reading,


Have a Good Day.