Speed reading that works with technical books?

Hello people,

I am a new user here and mainly interested in improving my reading speeds on technical books. I would like to improve both my speed and my comprehension.

If anyone has any resources (that work with technical literature), I’d be grateful.

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure about how to speed read technical books. When reading technical books I tend to use a highlighters and pens. I dog-ear (fold the corners) on pages that I know I will need to review. Then, on a second read (if necessary), I can look for the dog-eared corners, highlighted text, and my notes in the margins. I try to read quickly, but some types of information are too complex to understand without stopping to think about them.

I think that if speed reading technical books is possible, it depends on choosing a technical book on a topic that one is already familiar with at the level of that book.