Speed Reading Techniques(New and used by me)

Some people say that it is not possible to speed read but I believe that it is possible to speed read but with 0% retention and comprehension which for some people is even more-

The Techniques

  1. Wave your hand above the page and highlight the text with your upper most shadow and do this for both the pages in your book!! but with parallel imagination.

By dividing your mental screen with a line and imagining whatever is happening in the first page in the left of that line and whenever is happening in the second page to the right of the line),

By doing that and waving your hand you will be able to read 2 times faster.

And you can also try to read backwards to double your reading speed.

And that is it that was the technique,

Edit: And credit to Nagime for the idea of using Parallel Memory Palaces.


Have a Good Day.

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