Speed Numbers Tips

(Silvio B.) #21

Nice to hear your progress :slight_smile:

I‘ve just seen that you‘re now at the top of Division 5b so you might even get promoted to Division 4 in the next season! Great work! :smiley:


Thank you, SilvioB. I know I will be caught by at least two other competitors as I have played almost all my games and others are still behind with theirs - but to finish either third or fourth would be more than I had imagined possible at the start.

It’s been great fun. I will try to keep improving.

(Andreas) #23

Awesome! :clap: You passed me, I’m stuck at 40 due to lack of time for practicing. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’ll get there, I’m sure. I was stuck on 39 for weeks. It was very frustrating. But the extra practice I put in really paid off.

I’ve since managed to reach 46 in training, which really surprised me. Yet in a match today, I could only manage 33, and, more often than not, I am only in the mid-30s most of the time when I train. But I practise with numbered cards every day to ram home the images and hope I will reach 50 in the next couple of months. After that, I think my problem will be trying to speed up any more.

Good luck! I hope you make great progress very soon.

(Andreas) #25

Thanks, that’s good to hear.
I think my main issue to work on is the number of loci I can memorize before having to review. I’m currently only on 5, that’s 20 digits. If I do more I tend to lose the first or second one.
How many can you do? Any tips?


I find I can only reach about 10 loci at the most before I realise I am running out of time. With four numbers at each point, that gives me 40 (not all of which I always recall correctly).

I then ‘grab’ the remaining 8-10 in my short-term memory. (Usually by remembering what the images are for, say, the first 4-6 numbers, then saying the remaining 4 numbers to myself.) More often than not, I will get the last 6-10 numbers, which helps to boost my overall score.

Often, when I go back, I will forgot some numbers. I don’t worry, and just drop in the ones I recall. (Like you, I sometimes have difficulty recalling some of the early ones.)

I then go through all my images - as fast as I can - and it is amazing how many times I will reach an image - let’s say ‘Marlin Brando’ for 38 - and remember that I definitely saw him somewhere. I can usually remember where. I then continue - and often (though not always) remember others.

This is probably not the best way to go about it - but it works for me.

As others have said, I’m sure that what really helps is going through the numbers as fast as possible in training and not worrying about being perfect. I did this and, in the short term, my scores fell badly. But then they got better. I’m sure this will work for you, too. Speed first - and then better scores will follow as your brain gets used to going faster.

Good luck!

(Andreas) #27

Could you remember 10 loci when you started, without going back to review before finishing? Or has it improved?
I feel like 5 loci is poor. :confused: I’m gonna try increasing the amount of loci without the time limit element.
How many loci would you be able to recall without going back to review the first ones, if there was no time limit?


I could remember 10 loci when I started, but only for dropping off two numbers at each one. And I was quite slow. When I increased the numbers to 4, I probably dropped to about 5 or so loci – and, again, I wasn’t very fast.

I think you’re right to think about increasing your loci without the time element. Before I broke 40 in 60 seconds, I did an exercise in which I remembered 200 numbers. (I didn’t time myself – but it probably took me about 30 minutes at least! It involved 50 loci – to answer your other question.) Though I was slow, it gave me confidence. 40 didn’t seem so many after that!

Every time I have reached a different level on Memory League, I have thought it’s impossible for me to go any faster. (But, so far, I have managed to go a little bit faster.)

I’m sure the trick is to be so familiar with your images that when you see a number, you see the image straightaway. (You also need to be familiar with your loci.) Even though I practise with numbered cards each day, there are still times when I see a number and it takes me a second or so to remember which one it is. That slows down the creation of a little story to recall the numbers. You don’t need too many of those before you run out of time.

So try to get to the stage (if you haven’t already) where you know your image the moment you see the number. And don’t worry about going back to review. Just go as fast as you can at first and don’t worry about the result. The good score will eventually come!


I’m still learning my lists but I thought while creating them it would be good to make associations that already comes immediately. Like 68, for me it is my mother cause it’s her year of birth see ? Or 11, the twin towers. Don’t know if I will use them definitively but for a short-term memory improvement, for the moment, it works pretty well for me. I think it’s a trick I found to be quick at remembering while being not really concentrated and at the beginning of your “memory-improvement-journey” haha (dont know if it’s english)

(Andreas) #30

Thank you so much! I’m gonna start increasing the loci up to 10 with no review, removing the time element. I’ll have to start with 6. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck. Let us know how you get on. :slight_smile:


I think that’s a good idea. I do the same with some of my numbers. Good luck!