Speed Numbers Tips

(Marios Daskalas) #1

Hi, I would like to receive some tips in regards to speeds numbers. I am using the Dominic System (00-99), where each number represent a person with an action and prop. For example, the number 40 is Dominic O’Brien playing cards. Currently, I am re-making the Dominic System to fit my own needs, (mostly I change action and prop). I am already trying to warm up where for a period of time, I just go through numbers quickly and just imagine in my mind the person with the action and prop without placing it into a loci. In addition, I read somewhere in this forum to print the numbers (00-99) and carry one number each day to deepen your familiarity and connection. Currently, my best time is 22 numbers in 60.00s. Any tips and help are appreciated. What helped you the most? Please share your experiences with speed numbers below.

(Silvio B.) #2

I use the Dominic System too. I placed all people with their actions in a journey when I started, so I had that journey to fall back on if I ever forgot a person/action.

When I started playing on Memory League, I quickly found out which images were weak, so I changed them.

The rest is just training, I guess. For me it was the competition on memory league that kept me motivated. I now get 80 digits in around 30 seconds. Without the competition I would have never trained to even get 80 in 60 seconds.

(Marios Daskalas) #3

I use the Memory League too. You get 80 digits in 30 seconds with the Dominic System (2 digits per loci)? So you have 40 loci in total?

(Silvio B.) #4

Actually it‘s 4 digits per location, so only 20 loci for 80 digits. I grab the last 8 digits and repeat them in my head though, so I only need 18 loci.
I tried to use PAO too but I‘m much slower than with the Dominic System.

(Marios Daskalas) #5

The Dominic System that I use uses 2 digits per loci. Is that version of the Dominic System that you are using an extended version of mine that uses 4 digits per loci?

(Silvio B.) #6

I can make an example:


I‘d memorize that number like this:
1st location: Daniel Craig memorizing a deck of cards (43 40)
2nd location: Eddie Murphy putting on sunglasses (15 83)
3rd location: Arnold Schwarzenegger doing pullups (16 31)

As you can see, I use the person for the first 2 digits and the action of another for the next 2. Daniel Craig doing Dominic O‘Brien‘s action gives me 4340, which can be placed in one location. :slight_smile:

Same for 1583: Eddie Murphy doing the action of Horatio Caine (putting on sunglasses).

(I should point out that I have some people that don‘t follow the rules of the Dominic System with the initials and that I use F for 5 instead of E. 70 is Jennifer Lawrence for no apparent reason :joy:)