Speed Cards Tips

Hey everyone!

So I have always wanted to get into speed cards, and this quarantine has provided the perfect opportunity! I am super new, and this is the first memory thing I am trying.

So far I have assigned a PAO to every card. I am planning to work on memorizing which PAO goes with which card as the logical next step. I estimate this should take a week max.

I am just looking for general advice and tips for someone new. Is this the right approach? Is there anything I should do first?

Thanks in advance!

Best of luck with that… whilst I don’t doubt that you’ll manage to learn your system within the span of a week, I’d be very surprised if you could also get fast at it and put it in the back of your mind.

After all, the main task is to create a compound image out of three cards and place it into the location… and I mean actually place and not just use the location as a backdrop. The “which image for which card”-part should be as noticeable as the emphasis you put on individual vowels and consonants when reading the words in this very sentence here… i.e., nonexistent.

Nothing wrong with the approach but there are more things to consider. Personally, from what I’ve read on the forum over the years is the lack of memory palaces with people just starting out. Bear in mind that you can’t use one palace with 17 locations over and over on the same day.

Basically, if you want to do two decks in the morning and two at night every day, you’ll need eight memory palaces. You want to have four for the first and four for the second day and only then repeat with the palaces from the first day.

For more just search the forum: https://forum.artofmemory.com/search?q=speed%20cards

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I was just hoping to associate cards to the PAO’s by the end of the week. I’m sure getting good at the system will take longer.

Oh wow this is very helpful. I had no idea. Thanks a lot!