Speed Card Timer

What is the timer used in the USA and other Championships for Speed Cards…Hoping it can be found on Amazon for purchase thanks John L

Thank you for the info…it’s very much appreciated! All the best John

There are plenty of phone, windows, and browser based apps for cup stackers that are free and usable. That said I have wanted one of the stackmats timers for cubing for a while (no good reason). They are time to the one thousandth of a second. The cube and cup competitors have pretty much committed to these a competition timers as they are reasonably priced, available, and can take a beating. Another area to look is down the path of is chess clocks but these tend to be focused around two players style games. Look for the Gen4

Hi Robert, thanks for expanding what choices there are…
I’m interested in getting a timer when I can memorize a deck which I’m in process of doing and begin to work on reducing my times…thank you John

Same is true for the speed cards event at memory competitions.

Plus, you can get a couple of large displays up and connected to them for the first row in case anybody is trying to break a record and there is an audience.