Speed card and memory championship rules

Does anyone know where to find specific events with the rules? I’m trying to find the specific rules for speed cards but also interested in finding the rules for all the events. In speed cards as soon as you finish and put the cards down does the recall timer begin? Or is there a 60 second stop before recall begins?

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In my experience with Speed Cards, after you stop the timer, you then need to wait out the rest of the 5 minute memorization time. Then there is a bit more time (maybe 20 or 30 seconds) while things get organized for recall, then the recall time begins.

So people who memorize a deck in 30 seconds have 4.5 minutes to mentally review before they start recall, while people who take the full 5 minutes to memorize a deck don’t have any time to review.

There is normally a maximum of 5 minutes for the recall itself (sorting a second deck into the order memorized), which can be quite challenging if you haven’t had much time to review.


@Simon nailed it!

As Braden said: Simon nailed it. :smiley:

For more general competition rules, see the download section on the IAM website (first link there is to the competition rules): https://www.iam-memory.org/downloads/