Specific Numbers / Cards in customized training


I have an idea for an addition to the customized training.

How about an option to add specific Card (combinations) and Numbers so that they will be part somewhere during the next Card or Numbers trial. For me this would be a lot of help. I change images regularly and I’d probably get faster accustomized to my changes if I had to use them in regular training. Also I can imagine this option to be helpful went you noticed you aren’t as good at using certain images, so you want to put a bigger focus on them. Of course times achieved with that customization shouldn’t count towards the Personal Best statistic. To help you understand what I mean. It could look similar to this (for Numbers - obviously for Cards it had to look differently) What do you think about that idea?


@Philodoof That sounds really great. Just imagine how much ease it gives when you practice the “hard” combinations of your systems.

The same could be same for International Names. In a different way tho, since there is many different spellings for similar names. Sara/Sarah or Christine/Kristine.
This way, you could get a closer feel with the names, lets take Russian names, maybe you have a hard time with just their names, or maybe Arabic. So far, there is not a Latin script for the other languages. Chinese Names would be impossible…

And, of course all the hard spelled ones that are around here!

I think that’s a great idea. This way you could also train for binary if you were able to set it so that only 1s and 0s appear.


There were binary as a surprise event. (Remote Championship) Boy it is hard when you have not trained them at all! =)

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