Spatial integrity of memory palaces


Hey all!

I am putting together one of my memory palaces–in this case, a building that helps me remember names and faces–and in the course of “construction” a question arose.

To be short about it, one enters the palace, and inside I have rooms dedicated to different groups of people - family, acquaintances, people at my daughter’s school, and work.

Taking the work room as an example: When I open the door to this room, I enter a hallway that leads to many offices. When I enter the office for a particular person, I see them behind their desk. I add facts, etc. to the office.

So far so good. But…

The dimensions I’ve established for the overall palace in my minds eye are violated by the spatial arrangements of the office room. Simply put, the palace as I imagine it from the outside is too small for the spaces within.

I’m curious if anyone out there has had a similar situation with one of their palaces, and if so, did it matter at all? If it did, how did you “fix” it?




So it’s dimensionally transcendental… Doctor Who never had a problem with that :wink:


well, I am very bad at names and face. Your idea is good. Back into your topic, I think you constraints yourself too much.

you could image all the people into quitie doll size.

They just visited by your Palace one by one, they
don’t necessary come in once.

Their faces comes in somewhere your Palace, not the real person. say portrait , photos or even calibrated in an object.


As other users said, there’s no limitation for space in your loci. E.g. I’ve put whole buildings, bars and nightclubs I could visit through inside my greenhouse.
When you need to detail something you simply “zoom in & out”.


Wonderful! Many thanks for the feedback. My palaces (and the environment that houses them) are coming along nicely. It’s nice to know that I won’t trip myself up later through poor planning.

I used to play D&D as a kid, and I remember there was an adventure set in a city inside a bottle. Same idea, it seems!