Spam Settings

Spammers have been using more sophisticated techniques lately, so I’ve turned up the spam controls a bit while we work on a long-term solution.

If you find that one of your posts is accidentally caught by the moderation filter, it’s probably just due to the new settings, and we’ll try to approve it quickly. If you notice any problems or annoyances with the settings, send me a private message and I’ll try to fix it.


With due respect, I’m not sure that a routine post with an almost invisible title such as “Spam Settings” in an infrequently visited Category such as “Site News and Feedback” is the best way to handle obnoxious posts.

How about private messages to all members?

But instead of “1” for the message quantity, use “100”. Actually, “99” might have even more force.


Unless you’ve overridden the settings in your account to show categories by default, this post should appear at the top of the default front page. :slight_smile:

My post at the top of this thread is just a quick note for the regulars, in case any posts get temporarily caught in the spam filter before I finish deploying a better solution. I don’t think it will affect more than about 5 legitimate posts before I can deploy a fix, and the moderation delay is often just a few minutes.

The spammers are becoming indistinguishable from legitimate users. They will post things like this* and then go back to inject spam links later. It looks like a real person who is interested in memory techniques, but it’s just someone who wants to link to spammy websites. :confused:

(* I deleted the spam links on that post already, but left the question because it had replies.)


Cab you post the link please.

For the last 20 years, I’ve only ever visited the forum. And I can’t see any link to a “default front page”. I tried:

But there was no post that “should appear at the top of the default front page.”

BTW: In case any spam post evades your filter, you could try a trick that we used on the old OpenOffice site. Anyone noticing a spam post submitted the reply: SPAMSPAMSPAM

They had a bot listening for that text string, and the entire thread was removed immediately.


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Sorry, I meant the forum home page:
The default view there will show the most recent threads near the top.

There’s an easier way on this site — click the three dots under any post and choose “privately flag post” (the flag icon). It will pop up a box like the one below, which you can use to report the post. We’ll see it faster that way.


The spammers are getting too clever to rely only on people noticing it though. There are over 5,000 pages of content here where they can hide out, and they are trying on a daily basis.


The following post of June 12 popped up in the the post preview box as a possible match for something I was typing earlier today:

[post removed]

The site might have been genuine back in June 12, but it’s just a few links now to commercial products.

I suggest the thread should be removed.

Anyway, I flagged the post and got an “022 error” (or something with 2’s in it).

Simultaneously, I got a message saying that I had received a badge for raising the flag on Iw

I tried the flag again to take a screenshot of the error, but I got a message saying “You are not permitted to review the requested resource.”


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Thanks, I’ve removed the page.

Sorry about that. It might have been a 422 or 522 HTTP error. Your request went through though. If that happens again try reloading the page and clicking the button again. It should go away. The user interface might have gotten out of sync with the backend server, or there could have been a temporary network glitch.

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The spam settings have been partially updated. There’s another update coming soon.

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Yeah, just happened to me again… do we have any way to check on the status of out posts? Like a Pending Posts section somewhere?

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Sorry about that. There isn’t an easy way to make the pending posts viewable, but I’ll update the settings again.

Without the approval process, the front page would be full of posts like the one below (an example from this morning’s queue). :confused: